Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2135

    Chapter 2135: Is This Reason Enough?

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    Qiao Yi looked to Baron and said, "Third Master, I'm sorry. I have to settle some internal matters first."

    Baron relaxed as he was in control of the situation. "Please do as you wish, Mr. Qiao."

    Qiao Yi looked at Tang Lang and his eyes turned murderous. "I'll finish you today!"

    Tang Lang narrowed his eyes, then he looked at Qiao Yi and confirmed that his body had not suffered from any consequences even after going through those cruel treatments from Lu Tingxiao.

    It was probably thanks to Annie.

    Well, he was not the kind of person to take advantage of others anyway.

    Tang Ye and Feng Xiaoxiao looked at each other. They had worried about it before coming here, yet their worries still came true in the end.

    Tang Lang and Qiao Yi started engaging each other. The both of them were unleashing deadly attacks at each other.

    They each knew each other too well, so it was difficult to declare the winner at the moment.

    However, ten minutes later, the situation changed.

    Tang Lang looked like he was unsealed. His attacks were suddenly getting fiercer and he forced Qiao Yi into a bad spot.

    Ning Xi was surprised. "Eh? Those are Master's techniques!"

    Han Xiao had a rare affirmative expression on his face. "Not bad, that's about 0.01% of what I have."

    Ning Xi, Tang Ye, and Feng Xiaoxiao were speechless.

    All of a sudden, Tang Lang aimed at Qiao Yi's soft spot and attacked.

    It was obvious that Qiao Yi would die from that attack, but suddenly someone interrupted them and took Tang Lang's attack head-on.

    Tang Lang and Tang Ye stepped back because of the recoil.

    Tang Lang's eyes were bloodshot. He was frustrated that he was so close to killing Qiao Yi but was stopped by Tang Ye. "Get lost!"

    Tang Ye threw his glasses away. "You know it's impossible."

    "I'm only saying it for the last time!"

    "Why?" Tang Ye asked.

    "Why? Why!?" Tang Lang had gone manic. "Because he killed my whole family! Everyone! Is this reason enough?!"

    Not only that, he had shamelessly taken him in as his disciple, making him work for someone who killed his whole family.

    Not just Tang Ye, even Feng Xiaoxiao and Ning Xi were stunned when they heard Tang Lang's words.

    Master had killed Second Senior Brother's family? How was that possible?

    Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao, his eyes revealing to her that it was the truth.

    What Tang Lang had asked Lu Tingxiao to investigate was this?

    Tang Lang was laughing. "Haha... Tang Ye! Do you know why I can always beat you? Do you really think that I'm talented? It's because those skills originated from the Tang family! I have the blood of the Tang family within me. No one suits these skills better than I do!"

    Tang Ye's expression turned pale. He could not say anything as he looked at the person whom he respected like a father. "Master"

    He hoped this was all a misunderstanding.

    Qiao Yi did not seem to waver when his past bad deeds were revealed. He did not even try to defend himself. "Those skills will just waste away in the hands of that trash Tang Zhan. I kept his descendants and passed his skills on, so he should be thankful to me!"

    Tang Lang's eyes reddened. "Then, receive your gratitude in hell!"