Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2128

    Chapter 2128: The Master Is Here

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    Tang Lang was getting more and more furious just thinking about it. "Just why!? Why did First Senior brother get three broken, Feng Xiaoxiao had two broken, you didn't break any, and I got so many broken bones!? Just how did she gauge how many to break? I usually treat her pretty well, don't I? That girl is biased!"

    Tang Lang looked so downcast.

    Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him.

    Could he stop placing the focus on the wrong things?

    "How's Little Treasure?" Ning Xi asked.

    "Don't worry, he's stabilized now. Grandfather is here and is now with Little Treasure!" Tang Lang said.

    "Master is here? I want to go over!" Ning Xi quickly got up.

    In Little Treasure's ward.

    Han Xiao was checking on Little Treasure when Ning Xi and Tang Lang came over.

    Ning Xi did not disturb him when Han Xiao was focusing.

    Han Xiao checked his pulse, then looked throughout his whole body. He did not seem impressed. "It's a similar method with the Qin family. You guys offended a descendent of the Qin family, didn't you? But they are really cruel, aren't they, harming a child?"

    "Master, do you know what poison it is?" Ning Xi quickly asked.

    Even though Yun Shen has heard of such poison before, he had no idea where it came from.

    "This poison came from an ancient martial arts family. It's a special secret recipe from the Qin family," replied Han Xiao.

    "Do you know how to cure it?"

    Han Xiao shook his head. "Nope, I told you before I can only treat external wounds and know nothing else. Moreover, the poison in him was planted right about when he was born, so it's deeply rooted inside his bone marrow. Also, the poison inside him is slightly different from the version I know. It went through mutation, so nothing will help even if I get you the cure of the version I know of. It can only be cured by the person who used this poison."

    "How could it be like this?" Ning Xi fell into despair.

    Han Xiao was in doubt. "This is odd. I checked him just now. Under normal circumstances, the poison should've been triggered two years ago. Why would it have been delayed until now?"

    "This... I don't know too" Ning Xi was confused.

    Lu Tingxiao handed Han Xiao a tiny fragrance pouch. "Is it because of this?"

    Ning Xi was surprised to see that fragrance pouch. "Is that the fragrance pouch Annie gave Little Treasure two years ago?"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded. "Mmm."

    Han Xiao smelled the fragrant pouch and squinted his eyes. "It's because of this. This is similar with the medical pouch earlier, but this lost its effectiveness because it's been too long."

    The reason for the late development of the poison was finally revealed.

    However, Ning Xi had more questions. "Why would Annie give me this fragrance pouch to delay Little Treasure's poison?"

    "Maybe it's not time yet?" Tang Lang guessed.

    Ning Xi kept quiet as she tried to remember what had happened when Annie first met her in Imperial.

    When Annie found out about her relationship with Lu Tingxiao, she seemed very against Lu Tingxiao, and had even warned her about the cons of being a stepmother. She kept trying to convince Ning Xi to leave Lu Tingxiao.

    Afterwards, she realized that Ning Xi was genuinely in love with Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasure, and with Little Treasure being so adorable, she changed her attitude, even giving Little Treasure this fragrance pouch.