Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2122

    Chapter 2122: This Matter Has Nothing To Do With You

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    Tang Lang, Feng Xiaoxiao, and Tang Ye triggered their defensive instincts the moment they saw the change in Annie.

    It was similar to when they were facing dangerous threats from a highly skilled opponent. It was an unconscious behavior that was drilled into them.

    They could actually feel the intense threat from the usually weak and gentle Annie!

    At this moment, the phone Annie was holding was already cracked. The screen had gone all dark.

    The girl gazed upon Lu Tingxiao with her animalistic eyes. "The new head of the Lu family sure isn't someone I should underestimate."

    He had actually done the impossible.

    She was confident that no one could see what was wrong with the footage, and that it would be impossible to recover.

    However, now her identity was revealed, and at such a time too.

    Ning Xi and Tang Lang were stunned to see Annie speaking with such a bold attitude.

    She... admitted it?

    The person in the video was really her!

    Yun Shen slowly walked out from behind Tang Lang. "I really didn't expect that my little fish would have so many secrets."

    She had tricked everyone.

    Ning Xi forced herself to come back to her senses. She used up every ounce of her strength to take a deep breath, then sheasked the question she was most concerned about at the moment. "Annie, are you the one who poisoned Little Treasure?"

    "Yes," the girl admitted without any hesitation.

    All of them were stunned once again.

    Ning Xi realized that there was not much time left. She did not want to know about the whys and hows of it right now. She asked directly, "What do I need to do for you to give me the antidote?"

    Annie's expression was frigid. "Ning Xi, this has nothing to do with you."

    Ning Xi clenched her fists. "How can this have nothing to do with me!? I'm Little Treasure's mother! You knew, didn't you?"

    Annie had no expression on her face. "Then, you should know well enough that this child should've been dead long ago. I let him live until today and now I'm just taking back what I gave."

    Ning Xi's body was trembling. No words could come out of her lips.

    It was true that Little Treasure had been announced dead by the doctor back then, therefore they put him into the morgue.

    Annie had probably brought Little Treasure's body away and revived him.

    "You saved Little Treasure back then, but why did you poison him?" Ning Xi asked.

    "I already said that this matter has nothing to do with you," Annie repeated.

    At this moment, Lu Tingxiao stepped up and said, "Since you have a grudge against the Lu family, I'm the head of the family clan. You can do whatever you want to me. Why hurt an innocent child?"

    Given Annie's attitude, something had probably happened between her and the Lu family.

    For some reason, Annie's cold face suddenly had a slightly maniac smirk. "Ha... Haha... Innocent? Your son is innocent... but wasn't Bro Qingze innocent too? If I let him live, who's going to let my Bro Qingze go?!"

    Annie's bloodlust spiked sharply with that last sentence.

    Bro Qingze

    All of them were wondering who that person was. Even Lu Tingxiao had not heard of this name before.

    Who was this Qingze she mentioned?

    Only Yun Shen reacted when he heard this name from Annie as if he recalled an old memory of his. He mumbled, "Qingze... Yun Qingze?"