Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2120

    Chapter 2120: How Could It Be!?

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    Yun Shen frowned slightly before saying with a lowered voice, "I don't know much about this poison. I'm just telling you my judgment based on past situations."

    Suddenly, everyone fell silent.

    Ning Xi already did not have time to think further. Her fingers trembled as she quickly made a call to Annie. "Hello, Annie?"

    "Bro Xi, you finally called me. I was afraid you're busy, so I didn't dare to disturb you..." From the other end of the phone came Annie's joyful voice.

    Ning Xi interrupted Annie apologetically, "Annie, I'm sorry, where are you right now? Can you make a trip to Imperial Military Hospital? I have something urgent that I need you for."

    "Hospital? Bro Xi, what's wrong?" Annie quickly asked with concern.

    "It isn't me. Just come over first."

    When she heard that Ning Xi was alright, Annie let out a sigh of relief and answered, "Okay, I'll come over right away, but I'm now in City A. I might not be able to rush over so quickly."

    From beside Ning Xi came Lu Tingxiao's voice. "I'll arrange for a helicopter to get her."

    Ning Xi immediately said, "Send me your location. I'll get someone to pick you."


    After she hung up, Ning Xi's body gave way and she was about to collapse.

    Lu Tingxiao held the girl in his embrace, glancing at the time on his watch with his solemn eyes.

    From City A to Imperial, even if it were by helicopter, it would take more than an hour to and fro.

    Time passed by and the atmosphere became increasingly heavy...

    Feng Xiaoxiao hugged Ning Xi as she consoled her, "Little Treasure will definitely be fine. That Satan's probably trying to mess with you again, deliberately scaring you!"

    Ning Xi closed her eyes and did not say anything.

    Even though Yun Shen was not quite reliable most of the time, when it came to matters like these, if he did not have complete certainty, he would not have said what he did.

    So, she could basically be sure that what he said was true...

    Earlier, Lu Tingxiao had been concentrating on operating a certain complex software on his phone as if he was directing something.

    It was not sure how long had passed when the deadly silent corridor suddenly echoed with the sound of a handphone ringing. It was Lu Tingxiao's phone.

    Lu Tingxiao immediately clicked to answer. "Hello? Okay, send it to me now."

    Ning Xi suddenly changed in expression. "Why? Has the footage been recovered?"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded. "It has."

    "What footage?" Feng Xiaoxiao asked with confusion.

    Tang Lang explained simply the whole situation as best as he could. He finished by saying, "If the footage is recovered, then we can find out who it was that had quietly taken Little Treasure away from the hospital and sent him to the Lu family!"

    At this moment, Lu Tingxiao's phone was receiving a file.

    The progress bar advanced bit by bit. Moments later, with a beep, the file was finally transferred successfully.

    Everyone held their breaths with their eyes locked onto Lu Tingxiao's phone screen.

    Ning Xi's fists were clenched even more tightly...


    Who was it?

    Lu Tingxiao's long fingers quickly clicked to open the security footage.

    The scene in the security footage had a cold, deathly stillness. It was clearly in the hospital morgue.

    The door opened and a staff carried a bundled baby in, putting it into a freezer, then turning to leave.

    The instant she saw that thing in the staff's arms, even though you could only vaguely see that it was a baby that had turned purple, Ning Xi's heart subconsciously jumped.

    Was that Little Treasure?

    As she thought about this, thedoor of the morgue was pushed open once again. A thin figure in a black outfit with a cap had walked in.

    Because that person's back was facing the camera, they could not get a better look at the face.

    "This should be the person!" Tang Lang exclaimed emotionally.

    That person opened the freezer and carried the dead baby that the staff had just put in. Then, he or she very quickly closed the freezer and turned to leave.

    In the next second, when that person turned around...

    Ning Xi, Tang Lang, Tang Ye, Feng Xiaoxiao, and even Yun Shen who were fixed on the video... all had a change in their expressions.


    How could it be?

    How could it be Annie?