Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2119

Chapter 2119: Only One Day Left

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At last, he still walked into the ward reluctantly.

Ning Xi and the rest stood nervously on the side as they waited for Yun Shen's examination result.

Yun Shen casually asked some questions about Little Treasure's condition, then he pulled Little Treasure's shirt up to take a look. He squinted. "The little brat isn't sick. He's been poisoned."

"What did you say?" Ning Xi and Tang Lang instantly look horrified. Tang Ye was a little shocked too.

Onlu Lu Tingxiao's eyes looked exceptionally deep in thought, almost as if he seemed to have expected this outcome...

"What poison is it? How do you know? Why would Little Treasure suddenly be poisoned?" Ning Xi asked all at a go.

Yun Shen pulled Little Treasure's shirt downand said, "Neither can I be sure about how he was poisoned, nor do I know what poison it is, but I can be sure that he was poisoned."

Listening to Yun Shen's answer, Ning Xi almost died from fury. He might as well have not answered anything.

Yun Shen seemed to have fallen deep in thought about a certain memory. He slowly said, "I've seen someone who was poisoned like this. At first, they also had a fever repeatedly. The interesting thing was that they would have a fever the first day, get well the second, get a fever the third day, and then recover the next day again. Every time, the fever would cause them to be weaker and weaker, and their spirits would worsen too. In fact, the cause was so mysterious as if the perpetrator was torturing the victim for fun, giving someone hope and then instantly making them hopeless. It repeats like this, and these victims have one distinctive feature on them, that is, some red color blood specks would appear on their skin slowly..."

When she heard Yun Shen, Ning Xi quickly took a closer inspection at Little Treasure's body. Indeed, there were many red color specks, which were there from the start, but there had been very few amd she thought that it was just a common allergy or a rash caused by the fever, but now that she looked again, it seemed like those red specks had begun to multiply with Little Treasure's fever.

"Who would poison a child like this?" Tang Ye frowned.

Tang Lang's eyes narrowed. "This obviously torturous way of poisoning is clearly to avenge something. However, Little Treasure's usually protected so well. Previously, because of Master Han Xiao keeping watch, all those people were frightened away. When could he have been poisoned? Especially in a way that all of us did not notice at all..."

Tang Lang was pondering about this when he suddenly had a brazen thought. "Would this poison be related to the person who sent Little Treasure back to the Lu family years ago?"

Feng Xiaoxiao subconsciously looked at Yun Shen, then she chose her words carefully. "Actually, I've heard about this poison too. I heard that it can be planted inside someone's body for a long period of time. It can even hibernate for three to five years before it breaks out.

"So, there's a huge possibility that when Little Treasure was just sent to the Lu family years ago, this poison was already planted in him, but it only flared up recently. If this really is the case, then it makes sense!"

Ning Xi never would have thought that this matter would pan out like this. Because the matter involved Little Treasure, she was extremely worried as she listened to Feng Xiaoxiao's analysis. Her mind was a mess at this point and she could not think straight at all.

"How many days has the little brat been like this?" At this moment, Yun Shen suddenly asked.

Lu Tingxiao answered, "Six days."

Something flashed in Yun Shen's eyes. "Six days... I know that from the day they flare up, victims of this poison will die of sudden death on the seventh day."

Yun Shen's words instantly made Ning Xi's heart plummet into an endless abyss!

Ning Xi panicked. "How's this possible?! Doesn't that mean Little Treasure only has less than a day?! Could you be mistaken? If I calculate to when Little Treasure begun having the fever, it's already the sixth night now!"

Did this not mean Little Treasure would not make it to the next morning?

This outcome was like a bolt from the blue, exploding in Ning Xi's mind.