Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2115

    Chapter 2115: Best Thing Ever

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    Time passed.

    Lu Tingxiao's expression turned paler by the second and his blood was getting colder as well. His hands had already clenched into fists without him even realizing it.

    Suddenly, a sweet fragrance covered him and came into contact with his cold lips. That warm voice echoed through the endless night.

    "I'm glad... I'm glad that it's you. There's nothing better than this in the whole world."

    The flames were extinguished as ash fell onto the soil and flowers started blooming

    Lu Tingxiao hugged the girl tightly and gave her a deep kiss. How he wished the two of them could merge together!

    Those were the most touching words he had ever heard in his life.

    His girl, bringing him touching and surprising moments again and again

    The two of them stayed beside each other under the moonlight.

    "Sorry, I should've told you earlier." Lu Tingxiao kissed the girl on the top of her head.

    Ning Xi nodded in agreement. "Right, if you had told me earlier, then you wouldn't have to worry about it for so long! You didn't even mind when I told you about myself, so why would I leave you for this? Moreover, it's not just anyone else. It's you, my husband. I'm really happy. Anyhow, it's Lu Jingli's fault anyway!"

    Lu Jingli, who was eavesdropping in a corner, burst out, "Why am I being blamed without even doing anything?!"

    Fine, it was such a touching moment, so blame him all she wanted!

    Luckily, Xiao Xi Xi did not divorce his brother. If not, he would really be dead.

    Lu Tingxiao felt as if his whole body was immersed in warm water. His burning organs were now all healed and he was relieved. "It's my fault."

    Ning Xi could fully understand what Lu Tingxiao felt. No matter how smart a person was, one would fall into such a state if they cared about another person too much.

    "There was also another reason why I didn't tell you yet." Lu Tingxiao's tone sounded duller than usual.

    "What?" Ning Xi could feel that what Lu Tingxiao was about to say was really important.

    "I've been investigating this matter... about who sent Little Treasure to the Lu family and what his purpose was."

    Ning Xi's eyes sharpened. "Have you found out?"

    Lu Tingxiao's tone sounded dull. "Not yet, but we're chasing an important clue. I noticed the hospital security camera footage had a section removed. We'll find out who it is after recovering the lost footage. I planned to tell you after I found out about everything. If there are no issues, the footage should be completed in several days."

    Ning Xi's expression looked serious. "Who could it be?"

    Lu Tingxiao remained silent. He had no idea who itcould be too.


    There was a voice behind them.

    Ning Xi quickly turned around to see Little Treasure standing behind her and staring right at her.

    Ning Xi's eyes teared up when she saw the little bun. "Baby"

    Little Treasure rubbed his eyes with the back of his wrists, thenhe jumped onto his mother. "Mommy... Are you really Little Treasure's mother? Did you give birth to me?"

    "Mmm, yes, I'm Little Treasure's mother. I gave birth to you" She then felt some wetness on her shoulder and Ning Xi's heart twitched painfully.

    "Is it true?" Little Treasure looked at his father, his eyes seeming as fragile as glass.