Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2112

    Chapter 2112: That Child Didn't Die

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    Right this second, an old man suddenly stepped out of the crowd. The old man's gaze looked viciously at Ning Xueluo as he said with a stern tone.

    "Miss, how could you start rumors and create trouble at such a young age, slandering other people's innocence baselessly?! Back then, I was the one who did Madam Lu's and Little Treasure's DNA test myself. Little Treasure is 100% Madam Lu's flesh and blood. If anyone has any doubt, feel free to look for me!"

    The person who had spoken up was the head of Imperial's military hospital. As the person who had the head of state as his patient, his words were no doubt a symbol of authority.

    Once Dr. Zhao stepped out, everyone's last hint of doubt was dispelled. Instead, sudden realization dawned on them.

    When Zhuang Liaoyuan saw Dr. Zhao step forth and was so calm throughout, he finally knew how Lu Tingxiao had persuaded the elder in the hospital back then, and how Lu Tingxiao had so easily accepted Little Treasure.

    So, it turned out that this was the case...

    Finally, the similarities between Little Treasure and Ning Xi, the intimacy of the mother and child bond, and Little Treasure's shooting talent that mirrored the Zhuangs now all had an explanation.

    The buzz around them suddenly turned louder. Everyone did not expect the truth to be like this. At the same time, the way they looked at Ning Xueluo had changed.

    "It really is true! Little Treasure's biological mother is really Ning Xi!"

    "Jeez! No wonder! I was just saying how could this mother and son pair get along so well. They are just like biological mother and son, but he turns out to really be her son?"

    "This Ning Xueluo is hilarious! She tried to drive a wedge between them without knowing anything, and even called Lu Tingxiao a strange man! She called the little prince an illegitimate child!"

    "Ning Xi's quite pitiful too. Putting aside the fact that she was carried home wrongly, she even got involved with such a shameless person occupying her place and her parents are unreliable too! No wonder the Zhuang family only acknowledge Ning Xi and pay no heed to the Ning family and Ning Xueluo!"

    "Would they heed her? People like her should get hit by a car when she walks out of the door! It really is my first time seeing such an evil woman! She's still not happy having killed her foster mother's fetus. Now that she sees Ning Xi leading a good life, she's so bitter and even came here to continue hurting Ning Xi. On such an occassion today, she came to create such malicious rumors! She keeps pestering her without wanting to let go. How disgusting!"

    Everyone around gawked at her with detest and disgust. Those looks she received was as if they were looked at a disgusting pile of garbage with maggots all over.

    Ning Xueluo's face was blank. Her knees gave way and she fell to the ground like mud.

    Back then, she had racked her brains to get the Ning family and to fight over Su Yan, yet in the end...

    In the end, she had accidentally matchmade Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi.

    Back then, the person who had slept with Ning Xi was actually Lu Tingxiao!

    What smacked her further into disbelief was the fact that Ning Xi's child didnot die from a car crash years ago!

    How did it become like this?

    How could the child have survived?

    How could it have not died!?

    How did this happen?

    She could not figure out how it had ended up like this.

    Initially, she had been prepared to pull Ning Xi down with her, which was why she had recklessly caused a ruckus with the risk of offending the Lu family. She was now left with nothing, after all. She could not just watch Ning Xi take in the position of Lady Lu so easily!

    But now...


    It was all over...

    At the venue entrance, a few uniformed policemen appeared solemn and respectful as they walked straight towards Ning Xueluo.

    "Miss, you've been suspected of smuggling drugs and participating in many illegal activities outside these borders. Please come with us!"