Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Do You Want to Be His Girlfriend?

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Jiang Muye looked dejected and spoke with a hoarse voice. "Do you want to be his girlfriend?"

"How could that be possible!" Ning Xi looked sideways at him. "I still have self-knowledge."

Jiang Muye frowned. "I don't mean that. I dont mean you are not good enough, but Lu Tingxiao is too calculative and dangerous. Theenvironment in the Lu family is not suitable for you..."

"Bro, thanks for flattering me. I clearly know what kind of person I am in my heart." Ning Xi interrupted him and her expression recovered. "Relax. Loving someone doesnt mean losing my mind. I know what Im doing and what I should do from now on."

When Jiang Muye heard her words, he wasnt at all happy; instead, he felt like his chest was stuffed with a sponge soaking up water, which made him unhappy. "What kind of person you are? You work hard to make progress. You seem to be cynical and heartless, but you actually pay close attention to detail and are clear about what to love or hate. You deserve the most suitable man for you!"

Ning Xi froze for a moment and then looked surprised. "Golden hair, what a surprise! My image in your heart is so great? Arent you falling in love with me?"

Jiang Muyes back instantly became rigid. "F*** you!"

"Hahaha..." Ning Xi held her stomach as she laughed for a moment, then looked at him in a subtle way. "To paraphrase what you said before, what do you know about me, Jiang Muye? How much do you know about me? You only see the side that I'm letting you see. Do you really think I'm exactly what I show?"

The moment Ning Xi looked at Jiang Muye, he almost thought that she had seen through his heart, and that she had deliberately said what she had to remind him to completely give up on his idea...

Lu Mansion.

Lu Tingxiao was sitting on the sofa in the living room, holding a German book and reading it attentively.

On the other hand, Lu Jingli spent the whole night wandering the house, appearing as though he had been stabbed in the butt with a needle.

"Brother, the man Xiao Xixi is meeting with is Jiang Muye, that boy! Don't you want to know what they're talking about? I have a hunch! The topic of conversation will be very thrilling! And itll mean a lot to you!"

Lu Tingxiao turned a page, not raising his head at all.

"Ay, its all your fault, brother. Youre too old-fashioned. I said that I wanted to bug the place, but you stopped me! Now you can only stay at home and be anxious!" Lu Jingli complained.

Although, according to the present situation, it seemed only he, himself, was suffering from anxiety.

Finally, even Lu Tingxiao, who was so patient, could no longer bear the noise. "Keep silent or go back."

"No! I wont go!"

He still wanted to wait for Xiao Xixi to return so he could fish for information! Otherwise, how could he sleep tonight?

"It's almost eleven o'clock. Why havent they returned?" While Lu Jingli was scratching his head, his phone rang. It was an unknown number.

"Who's calling me so late?" Lu Jingli picked up his mobile phone and went to the yard to answer it.

Ten minutes later, Lu Jingli rushed in like hed been injected with a stimulant.


"It really came right on time! Brother, guess what I just got? Its the recording of the wiretap from the box Xiao Xixi and Jiang Muye are using! I didnt set it up, it was secretly recorded by an innocent paparazzo from a gossip company. Luckily, his boss is sensible and stopped it immediately after receiving it, then called me to apologize in order to suck up to me!"