Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 210

    Chapter 210: I Have a Crush on Him

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    Jiang Muye fell into a daze for 3 seconds and his ears started to burn up soon after. He pushed her away. "Ning Xiao Xi, you have such a dirty mind!"

    "Screw you! Stop pretending to be so innocent and seriously answer your big mamas question!"

    "Why did you ask something like that?" Jiang Muye tried to avoid her eyes, not wanting her to know that what shed just said had been too graphic and that the only feeling he had was

    "You answer me first!" Ning Xi rushed him.

    Jiang Muye hesitated for a long while before finally saying in a blurry voice, "Of of course Id go along with it! All normal men would do it, ok? Unless the man didn't like her in the first place!"

    Ning Xi looked at him with a half smile, having gotten her expected answer.

    "Why are you looking at me like that? Am I wrong?" Jiang Muye felt uncomfortable with her expression.

    "Youre right."

    "Now can you tell me why you asked me that?"

    Ning Xi rested her jaw in her hand and said absentmindedly, "Do you know what Lu Tingxiao did when he met with this situation?"

    Jiang Muyes expression changed immediately. "When Lu Tingxiao met with this situation? What do you mean?"

    Ning Xi explained the causes and effects briefly. " then Zhu Xiangcheng tied me up and left me on Lu Tingxiaos bed!"

    "What What did Lu Tingxiao do?" Jiang Muyes voice changed out of nervousness.

    "He didn't do anything." Ning Xi recalled what happened that night. "He comforted me and talked to me to distract me. He didn't cross the line even a little for the whole night, just quietly kept me company through the most difficult and helpless night of my entire life."

    Jiang Muye bit his lips hard after hearing that. He couldnt say a word.

    Ning Xi stared at him. "Why do you think Lu Tingxiao didn't do anything? Is he not a normal guy? Does he not like me?"

    Jiang Muye tightened his fists. "He likes you for sure!"

    The way Lu Tingxiao had handled it didn't mean that he wasnt a real man, on the contrary, it proved that he was a man among men If it had been himself, he couldnt promise that he would be able to do the same

    Ning Xi nodded. "I wasn't sure at first and didn't dare to confirm, but now Im sure that he likes me, too. So, there is a third possibility."

    That got Jiang Muyes attention instantly. "What is it?"

    "Its not that I was stupid, its that he is on a whole other level. Im not surprised, nor do I regret having a crush on him at all" After she spoke, settled compromises appeared in her foggy and cloudy eyes.

    Jiang Muyes voice shook and he could barely finish a full sentence. "You have a crush on him?"

    Ning Xi smiled. "Although I don't want to admit it, and have been avoiding it for so long, its the truth."

    Jiang Muye slammed his fist onto the coffee table, hard, and his red eyes exploded with jealousy. "Ning Xi! How much do you know about him? How much? You only see whats on the surface! You think Lu Tingxiao is really as gentle as he looks? Did you know that Jia Qingqing died in the wilderness? Do you know what happened to Chu Xiangcheng? Did you know that he used the aviation aircraft to make artificial rain, just to stop your kissing scene? And the incident at my house he is the one behind everything!"

    Ning Xi fell into a long silence, then said in a low voice, "But, Jiang Muye, he never did anything to hurt me. If I get scared of him because of all that, keep my distance from him, and resent him, its not fair to him. You can think of me as someone who doesnt know right from wrong or that Im naive about life-and-death matters, but I only know that he treats me well. Very well. Nobody has ever treated me as well as he does."