Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2098

    Chapter 2098: Little Treasure Hit Someone

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    She loved him so much that she was willing to cling onto the position even when everyone hated her.

    However, he said he wanted nothing to do with her anymore.

    "Su Yan... You... You"

    Ning Xueluo stood back up and then ran out. Before she could reach her parking spot, a big group of reporters came out of nowhere and swarmed her.

    "Ms. Ning Xueluo, what do you have to say about harming the child of your mother and also being unfilial?"

    "Ms. Ning, who's the father of your child? Rumors said that it's CEO Wang from Starlight Entertainment. Is it true?"

    "Even if the child isn't Su Yan's, it's still yours. Could you still feel at ease after killing your own child?"

    "I heard that you planned to frame Ning Xi for the deaths. You've been trying again and again to frame her. Was it out of jealousy and inferiority complex?"

    "Go away! Go away! I'm not accepting any interviews!" Ning Xueluo wanted to break through the crowd, yet the reporters and a larger group of fans closed in on her.


    Someone threw a rotten egg onto her, slimy liquid splattering on her face and hair.

    Then, more eggs, water bottles, and even rotten cabbage leaves were flung at her

    At the Lu residence.

    Yan Ruyi scowled. "Your parents are really terrible. How can they be this silly?!"

    Ning Xi did not seem to mind. "It's alright, Mother. It's all in the past now."

    Yan Ruyi held Ning Xi's hands tenderly. "Little girl, use the name of the Zhuang family. If it's not appropriate, use the name of the Lu family. See who dares to bully you!"

    Yan Ruyi then asked hesitantly, "Um, Xiao Xi, Lu Tingxiao's birthday is coming soon. You'll definitely have to attend as the head lady of the family."

    While she had been on good terms with Ning Xi, she was still worried that Ning Xi might avoid appearing as the head lady.

    Ning Xi did not think too much of it, and with her current status in the entertainment industry, it was alright to announce it to the public. It was just an issue of timing.

    Ning Xi replied, "Sure, Mother, I'll prepare for it."

    "Great, that's great!" Yan Ruyi was relieved. "You don't really have to do anything. We'll arrange everything for the banquet. You just have to dress up and show up!"

    Suddenly, there was an anguished wail coming from the direction of the garden as Ning Xi was talking to Yan Ruyi.

    It was probably from the little fatty Chi Shuai.

    Chi Shuai and Little Treasure had not been on friendly terms before, but now he loved to follow Little Treasure. He always bugged Little Treasure to teach him kung fu. The little guy was active all the time, vastly different from the always quiet Little Treasure, but they two of them were supposed to be on good terms now.

    "Oh! Grandmother Yan! Master hit me!" The little fatty covered a bruised eyes and ran over as he cried.

    "What happened? Why did Little Treasure hit you?" Yan Ruyi was surprised.

    Ning Xi was surprised when she saw the bruise too. Little Treasure was never a child who would use violence without reason.