Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2097

Chapter 2097: Nothing To Do With Each Other

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Ning Xueluo was shocked. She rushed over and grabbed Han Zixuan's hair, dragging her out from behind Su Yan. "You slut! How dare you seduce my man?!"

"Ah!!!" Han Zixuan's hair was being pulled as she screamed, but she soon retaliated and yelled, "What's there that I won't do now?! Vice President Ning! You think you're really still the almighty person in Starlight just because I called you Vice President! Slut! So what if I'm a slut? You're even worse than a slut!"

Ning Xueluo was enraged. "Witch! What did you say!? I'm tearing your mouth apart!"

Han Zixuan did not even care that she was naked at the moment. She proudly presented the love marks on her generous bosom. "Huh! What did I say? Are you afraid of people talking about it after you've done it? Everyone in the industry knows about it already. Not only are you greedy for power and harmed your foster mother and her son, you even cheated on Su Yan and had the child of another man! You're even dirtier than a slut!"

Many people had been at the hospital the other day. While they did not dare tell people about Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao, the news about the Ning family, the Su family, and Ning Xueluo had already spread far and wide. Everyone now knew that Su Yan was a cuckold.

Ning Xueluo never imagined that she would one day be insulted by someone who was known to be dirty by everyone, and the very same woman was even in bed with her husband.

Ning Xueluo stared at the silent man. "Are you mad, Su Yan? Getting together with a woman like this! Do you know how many men she has slept with before!"

Han Zixuan provocatively rubbed her breast on the man's arms. "So what if I've slept with many men before? I have the skills and Bro Yan likes it!"

"You" Ning Xueluo did not expect Han Zixuan to be so shameless. She almost passed out before she pounced onto Han Zixuan.

The two of them were fighting ruthlessly.

"Ah... Bro Yan save me!" Han Zixuan asked for help.

"That's enough, Ning Xueluo!"

Su Yan shoved Ning Xueluo away.

Ning Xueluo fell onto the floor and looked at him in disbelief. She could not say the word "Bro Yan" because Han Zixuan had called him that just now and she felt so disgusted by it that she could not use it at the moment.

"Su Yan, you yelled at me because of this witch? How could you do this to me!? Are you insulting me, or insulting yourself?!"

Could it be... because this woman was a little similar to Ning Xi?

Because of that, he was willing to do it with her? And didn't even want to touch me?

Ning Xueluo was really mad.

Su Yan casually put on his pajamas, his eyes seeming cloudy and tired. His usually gentle face had was replaced with impatience. "Ning Xueluo, I can give you the position of Mrs. Su if you want, but that's all. From today onwards, we have nothing to do with each other!"

"Nothing to do with each other" Ning Xueluo bit her lip to the point that she almost bled.