Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2095

    Chapter 2095: Devil In Human Disguise

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    Zheng Minjun and Su Hongguang, who did not expect such an inside story, both had chills travel down their spine when they heard this.

    How malicious was this woman that she could commit such atrocities those years ago at such a young age!?

    "Oh my God... What disaster did our Su family partake in? Su Yan, how could you have been so silly!? How did you get involved with a woman like this!?" Zheng Minjun bawled.

    Su Yan smiled dismally. "Back then, the ones who forced me and Xiao Xi to separate were you guys. The ones who matchmade Xueluo and me were also you guys..."

    "I..." Zheng Minjun was suddenly tongue-tied. It was useless to say or regret anymore now.

    Whatever it was, they had to get a divorce! He must get a divorce from this woman!

    She could not endure this poisonous snake-like woman staying in the Su family for another moment!

    Ning Yaohua roared, "Animal! I want you to die horribly!"

    "Hahaha... I'd like to see how, Director Ning! How can one hanging with an empty shell with not a single share make me die horribly?"

    Ning Yaohua's pupils shrunk as his eyes were filled with doom. "You!"

    Ning Xueluo had just finished mocking them when she smiled wickedly towards Zheng Minjun and Su Hongguang. "Oh, right, you guys too! Want to make me and Su Yan get a divorce? Sure, then I won't mind showing the judge more interesting things when the court is in session such as evidence of the Yifeng Corporation bribing!"

    "You dare?!" Su Hongguang suddenly changed in expression. He never would have thought Ning Xueluo would have gotten hold of such a thing.

    Zheng Minjun was completely dumbfounded too and she turned pale.

    "I'm telling you, you want me to get a divorce?! Never in this lifetime! Unless I die, the position of Madam Su will forever only belong to me, Ning Xueluo!"

    The woman's fierce voice was like a poisonous snake, entwining and binding everyone in the room.

    All these years, the kind and innocent daughter whom they had doted on, the capable daughter-in-law whom they had felt proud of from the start till the end was just a devil in human disguise...


    Inside a black Maybach.

    Lu Jingli was excitedly rambling on all the way, "Sis-in-law, you're soooo cool! I watched until the blood in my whole body boiled! Those acting skills, wow! Even I was deceived by you! I thought those proof were real! Also, also, did you and my brother plan to collude in advance?"

    In the back seat, Ning Xi lazily leaned in Lu Tingxiao's embrace, her brows arching. "Do my darling and I need to plan in advance? We have telepathy! Right, darling?"

    The corner of Lu Tingxiao's lips curled up slightly. "Mmm."

    Lu Jingli was speechless. Just pretend I didn't ask!

    Ning Xi recalled the incident earlier and analyzed, "Actually, this was a psychological battle. The video was made with special effects and with my acting skills, I was probably 70% certain that I could deceive Ning Xueluo. However, once my darling arrived, I knew that I would definitely win."

    Ning Xueluo would have underestimated her, but she would definitely believe Lu Tingxiao. Thus, she would definitely be fooled.

    Lu Jingli's eyes were brimming with tears, then he was stuffed with a display of public affection again.

    "Sigh, now that everything's exposed, the Ning family and Ning Xueluo will have a fight coming. After all, Ning Xueluo holds so many of the Ning family's shares!" Lu Jingli said.

    Ning Xi said plainly, "Do you think Ning Yaohua is easy to handle?"

    Lu Jingli blinked. "You're right! Ning Xueluo was so arrogant. She was just using her powerful connections to intimidate people by relying on the Ning and the Su families' influence, but now that she's burnt the bridge with both sides, does she really think she can make a comeback?"