Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2094

    Chapter 2094: Heartbreaking Truth

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    "What did you say?" The absent-minded Zhuang Lingyu was suddenly stunned.

    Ning Yaohua's expression suddenly changed too. "Su Yan, what did you just say? Xiao Xi was set up by someone?"

    Ning Xueluo stared straight at Su Yan who was speaking up for Ning Xi, her eyes filled with resentment. Su Yan, now even you want to go against me, do you!?

    Ning Xueluo chuckled softly, seeming very reckless at this point. "That's right, I set her up. It was I who put aphrodisiac in that slut's drink. It was I who prepared the two men for her. So what? Isn't she just a slut who's been impregnated by two gigolos? Hahaha..."

    "Ning Xueluo! What did you say?! Say that again! It was you who drugged Xiao Xi, and you who hired someone to rape Xiao Xi!?" Ning Yaohua could not believe his ears. At this moment, his body trembled violently. Even when he discovered that Ning Xueluo had killed Zhuang Lingyu's child and found out that Ning Xueluo had cheated, he had not been this furious.

    His daughter did not mess around, but had actually been raped!

    Ning Xueluo clutched her stomach that began to hurt from all the laughing. "Hahaha... I'm dying from laughter! Ning Xi, that hillybilly! She couldn't even differentiate real from fake branded clothe.. She would just obediently wear whatever I gave her. I lied to her that the lemon water for washing hands was to be drunk, and she just drank it like the dim-wit she was!

    "That idiot, I'm afraid she didn't even know what a gigolo was! Would she have ordered them to enjoy herself? Of course, even dumber were you two fools! You actually believed it, hahaha..."

    Ning Xueluo's words were intertwined with her ear-piercing laughter that echoed in the deadly silent ward. Zhuang Lingyu was stupefied as her mouth hung wide open, yet she could not utter a single word.

    This was not real...

    All of this was not real...

    What had she done to her own daughter for an animal?

    It was not Ning Xi who had ruined her two children. It was Ning Xueluo! It was Ning Xueluo who had ruined her two children!

    Killed her son and ruined her daughter!

    Ning Yaohua stared at this woman before him who seemed extremely foreign to him. She was like a poisonous snake. As he listened to all that she had done to his own blood and flesh, every word lingered like a foul stench on him. He charged towards Su Yan with fury. "Su Yan! Speak! What actually happened!? You knew about all of this, didn't you?!"

    Su Yan lowered his head in anguish. "I'm sorry. It's my fault. Years ago, I wasn't healthy and I already knew Xiao Xi long ago in the village. Before I met Xueluo, Xiao Xi and I had already been dating. It was I who betrayed Xiao Xi, doing something with Xueluo that let her down...

    "Back then, my entire focus was on Xueluo. When I exposed the things that Xueluo did to Xiao Xi, I thought that she was just momentarily muddled because she was young. I thought that she was sincerely remorseful, so I helped her keep this secret.

    "I lied to Xiao Xi. I said that the person that night was me, but Xiao Xi didn't intentionally want to keep that child because... because she thought the child was mine. She had been waiting for me to return... to give her a proper title... yet I... I'm sorry... I let Xiao Xi down... I ruined her entire life..."

    When he finished listening to all of this, Ning Yaohua's body quivered violently, his eyes filled with bloodlust. "Animals! Both of you, animals!"

    He had actually ruined his daughter... his own blood and flesh to this extent!

    His mind kept recalling what happened over and over again. Years ago in the hospital, after the girl met with a car accident and had a miscarriage, she kept hopelessly trying to explain to him. He recalled the way he had reprimanded and scolded her with harsh words. He recalled the five years when he had heartlessly sent her abroad and showed no interest in her...

    He recalled how after she returned to the country, that cold gaze Xiao Xi had every time she faced him...

    He recalled the way Ning Xi said, "Father, are you fitting?"

    He did not fit... He was not fit to be her father at all...

    He had single-handedly tossed his daughter into a bottomless abyss...