Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2093

    Chapter 2093: Not Xiao Xi's Fault

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    Zhuang Lingyu was initially going to seize this opportunity to demand justice for Ning Xueluo, and then completely remove Ning Xi's name from the family clan, which was why she had especially called over so many relatives, yet she never would have thought that the truth would shatter her world.

    At this point, the relatives did not feel that it was right to continue staying and watch the show. Every one of them eventually made excuses and left.

    The elder was physically and emotionally exhausted. He did not want to care about his eldest son's grievances anymore. With the help of the servant, he left with a faltering figure.

    Back then, he had already done his best to advise them and he had said all he could. They made all the choices themselves. Now, it would be up to them how to resolve this as well. He already did not have the strength to care anymore.

    Suddenly, only Ning Yaohua, Zhuang Lingyu, Zheng Minjun, Su Hongguang, Su Yan, and Ning Xueluo were left.

    Obviously, Zheng Minjun could not stand the fact that the son she was so proud of had been cuckolded, while her dearest grandchild that she had been anticipating was actually illegitimate. After those people left, she did not care about anything anymore. She pointed at Ning Xueluo and started to curse incoherently, "We Sus were really blind to let Su Yan marry such a fake, rotten good!

    "Who knows which man she's messed around with outside? And when she got pregnant, she stilldared to say that it's our Su Yan's! Divorce her! Get lost from our Su family immediately! Also, don't think about taking a single thing from us with you!"

    Ning Xueluo could not hold back her guffaw. "Haha... Did you really think this Ning Xi was all that pure? She was impregnated at 18, and she even said that it was Su Yan's. I'm much better than she is!"

    If it were not for the way Zheng Minjun did not give up on urging Su Yan to remarry after finding out about Ning Xi's relationship with the Zhuang family at Madam Li's gathering, she would not have slept with that fat and disgusting tycoon to pull in investments and stabilize her position.

    If it were not for Su Yan's soul being seduced away by that witch and not wanting to have a child with her at all, she would not have risked keeping the illegitimate child in her!

    All of it was Ning Xi, that witch's fault! It was the Su family's fault!

    When she heard Ning Xueluo's words, Zheng Minjun was stunned. "What did you say?"

    "I said... Back then, when Ning Xi that slut was still dating Su Yan, she had already been messing around outside. She even fooled about with two gigolos. When she got pregnant, she said it was Su Yan's. If it were not for that car accident, she would've probably given birth to the bastard..."

    Then, she looked mockingly towards Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu like she was delighted at her revenge. "Hahaha... Don't believe me? If you don't believe me, you can ask Director Ning or Madam Ning! Ask them whether their real daughter is even more lowly, more wanton than I am?"

    When Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu saw that Ning Xueluo had actually blurted out the Ning family's most shameful scandal in front of the Su family, their faces instantly turned pale.

    Before this, they had erased all traces of this incident, yet they still could not erase its existence.

    This incident was like a nightmare to them...

    Right at this moment, in the corner of the ward, suddenly came a man's lowered and trembling voice. "Enough..."

    When she heard this voice, the reckless smile on Ning Xueluo's face suddenly stiffened in an instance.

    "Not Xiao Xi... That incident back then wasn't Xiao Xi's fault at all..."

    Su Yan clenched his fists as he looked embarassed. With clear difficulty, he admitted, "Xiao Xi didn't betray me from the start to the end. She didn't mess around with other men... She didn't... Someone forced himself on her... She was set up by someone else..."