Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 209

    Chapter 209: Repay You With Myself

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    Jiang Muye had seen her like this before and asked awkwardly, "Why are you so tired today? Didnt the press conference go well?"

    Everything was arranged perfectly by a certain someone

    "Its all your fault! Im tired mentally!" Ning Xi was annoyed and quickly rolled up to look at him with a burning stare. "Let me ask you something, that day that day Lu Tingxiao really kissed me?"

    Jiang Muye tossed back a drink. "If I lied, Ill burn all my equipment and never play PC games ever again!"

    Ning Xi nodded. "Ok, I trust you now." Such a deadly oath for him to make.

    Jiang Muye tried not to scream. "You freaking tell me, how many times did I remind you! You never listened! Why haven't you died from stupidity! How long have we known each other and how long have you known Lu Tingxiao? Why dont you trust me?"

    Looking at Jiang Muyes sad little face, Ning Xi sighed. "In fact, when I first met Lu Tingxiao, he said it."

    "Said what?" Jiang Muye got nervous.

    Ning Xi gestured with her palms. "Said he would marry me."

    "Pff cough, cough, cough what did you say?" Jiang Muye almost choked to death on his drink and coughed severely.

    Ning Xi patted his back hard. "I was more shocked than you are right now."

    "Then?" Jiang Muye asked in a rush.

    "Then I asked why! It was totally unscientific!"

    "What did he say?"

    "He said that I saved Little Treasure and that he wanted to repay me by giving himself to me!"

    "WTF! Then what did you say?"

    "I said that I saved Little Treasure and then Little Treasure saved me back, so lets call it even, no need to repay me with anything, and then I ran away!"

    Jiang Muye quickly stood up and paced in circles crazily around the room. "I freaking want to strangle you. Lu Tingxiao wanted to take advantages from you from the beginning and even said it out straight, so why didn't you keep your distance?"

    Ning Xi raised her eyebrows. "Come on, how can anyone reject anything in front of Little Treasures innocent face? Plus, I always thought that Lu Tingxiao only said he wanted to marry me for Little Treasures sake. I rejected him later and he didn't force me anymore, so what else could I do?"

    "Why would it be for Little Treasures sake? Thats so fake! And you, youre such a pig!" Jiang Muye finally stopped walking in circles, looked at her, and said, "Let me put it this way, normally, in a hero-saves-beauty situation like this, if the beauty is not interested in the hero, she would say, thank you for helping me, I will work for you like a cow or a horse to repay you! So heres the question, what if the beauty IS interested in the hero, what would she say? Ning Xiao Xi, please answer!"

    "Hmm" Ning Xi touched her jaw. "The beauty would say, I will repay you with myself?"

    "So, now you understand the meaning of repay you with myself?! It means I freaking like you, Im keen and interested!"Jiang Muye impatiently shouted next to her ear.

    Ning Xi picked her ears, which had gone numb from his loud screaming. "Sounds reasonable"

    Jiang Muye said, "This is the freaking truth!"

    Ning Xi stood up and dusted off her butt, then grabbed Jiang Muyes shoulder, calmed him down, made him sit on the sofa, and said slowly, "Ok, since you asked me, let me also ask you something!"

    Jiang Muye looked at her cautiously. "What do you want to ask?"

    "I want to ask you, if you walked into a room and saw the person you like was drugged, wearing a transparent night gown, and lying on a king sized bed covered with rose petals, what would you do?"