Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2086

    Chapter 2086: Not Worthy

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    In the corner, Su Yan just gawked on blankly at what had just happened.

    From the moment Lu Tingxiao went up to Ning Xi and held her hands, his mind went blank. He stared at the pair of lovebirds, having lost the ability to think.

    As for Ning Xueluo, who lay on the bed, she remained silent the whole time.

    She looked at Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi holding hands, then shenoticed the ring around Ning Xi's neck which she had not noticed before. She saw how Lu Tingxiao was greeting the elder politely, and how Lu Jingli was striking aconversation with Ning Qiutong. The poison known as jealousy had now spread through her whole body and corroded all her internal organs

    How is that possible?

    How is that possible!?

    The person Ning Xi is married to... is Lu Tingxiao!

    Lu Tingxiao!

    "Second Master, I... I'm Ning Yaohua, Xiao Xi's father! We've met each other before. The last time, you came to pick Xiao Xi up!" Ning Yaohua quickly grabbed this chance as he thought that Lu Jingli was easier to speak to.

    Damn it, no wonder Lu Jingli came to pick Ning Xi up personally during the dinner last time!

    He thought that Ning Xi had something with Lu Jingli, but he never expected it not to be Lu Jingli, but Lu Tingxiao instead!

    He was so penitent that he almost wanted to smash his head into a wall.

    Ning Qiutong looked at Ning Yaohua as she laughed coldly. "You always think that your treasured fake daughter got married into a good family and have always boasted about i. Are you regretting now that Xiao Xi got married into an even better family?"

    Ning Yaohua calmed himself down. "What is there to regret about? Xiao Xi got into a good family, so I'm happy for her as well."

    Ning Qiutong chortled out loud. "I wonder who insisted on calling the police just now, and even said that no one would affect his decision?"

    Zhuang Lingyu could not hold it in anymore. "She did something so wicked. Are we really at fault here?"

    She then looked at Lu Tingxiao. "CEO Lu, no matter how powerful your family is, you can't just ignore the law. It remains a fact that Ning Xi took two lives!"

    "Ah" Suddenly, Ning Xueluo clenched her stomach and groaned.

    Everyone shifted their attention back to Ning Xueluo and surrounded her.

    "What's wrong, Xueluo?"

    "My stomach... It hurts" Ning Xueluo appeared pale and exhausted just like a wilting flower, gaining sympathy from everyone.

    "The poison is too strong. The doctor mentioned it'll be painful. Hold on!"

    "How miserable"

    The crowd's gaze towards Ning Xi changed slowly when they saw Ning Xueluo's condition.

    Ning Xi was having such a good life, yet she had made Ning Xueluo suffer, and now she even started bullying her just because she married Lu Tingxiao. This was too much.

    Zhuang Lingyu went beside the bed, full of worry and pain.

    Zheng Minjun then said, "CEO Lu, I'm afraid that you don't know it yet. This woman is really wicked. She harmed the child of her own mother and even poisoned the offspring of our Su family all just because of a tiny conflict! She's not worthy of marrying into the Lu family! What a humiliation!"

    Ning Xueluo's face was filled with despair, yet in the dark, she was staring at Ning Xi's direction with the evil eye.

    Great... Just great, Ning Xi! I will make you lose everything. I will have you taste the feeling of falling into the pits of hell from the peaks of heaven!

    Lu Tingxiao did not even look at the people around him. He just focused on his wife. "That's right, it's not worthy."

    Zheng Minjun thought Lu Tingxiao was going to consider her words, but in the next moment, Lu Tingxiao continued, "The Lu family and I aren't worthy of Xiao Xi."

    Everyone was speechless.

    Lu Jingli knew this would happen.