Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2082

    Chapter 2082: Admit

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    Say that I put those pills in myself! Say that I want to harm my own child!

    Say it, then look around this room to see who will believe you?

    Who would believe that I would swallow those pills and kill my own child?

    On the side, Ning Qiutong frowned. She was about to say something, but Ning Xi stopped her.

    Ning Xi's gaze swept across everyone with ease as the edges of her mouth curled up, outlining a cold smile. "So what if it was me? Forget about the child. Even if I wanted to poison her to death as well, what can you guys do to me?"

    The instant Ning Xi said that, everyone in the room's expression changed.

    Su Yan, who had been having mixed feelings, suddenly looked startled as he was in disbelief. "Xiao Xi, you... It was really you who did it all..."

    Even though the truth was right before him, after listening to Ning Xi admit it herself, he still could not accept it.

    Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua were like savages who just saw fresh blood spilled. They wanted to rip her apart. "You animal! Animal! What sin did our Ning family do to create such an evil, shameful thing!? You won't even let go of your own brother!"

    "Oh my God! She actually dared to admit it!"

    "Otherwise? There's solid evidence. She can't run away!"

    "She doesn't even look remorseful after doing such a thing. She's even so arrogant, she's too much!"

    At this moment, not only Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua, but Zheng Minjun and Su Hongguang seemed aghast too.

    Zheng Minjun rushed out to start scolding, "You cruel woman! Even if you like our Su Yan that much and want to enter the Su family, you can't kill Su Yan's child! This is Su Yan's flesh and blood! Now, you're just taking it out on the child. If, in the future, you really became part of the Su family, if anything doesn't suit your taste even a little, are you going to harm me too!?"

    Su Hongguang did not expect that, as the heir of the Zhuang family, Ning Xi's morale would stoop to this poor extent.

    This was not a small matter of jealousy. This was murder!

    After she killed someone, she could still appear so remorseless and at ease. How terrifying was this woman?

    Zhuang Lingyu gripped her chest that began to ache from rage. "You're worse than a beast! You're despicable and lowly. You're not even a millionth of Xueluo, yet you're still deluded about marrying into the Su family. You're deluded about stealing Xueluo's husband! Look at yourself! Do you think you're even qualified in the least?"

    Su Hongguang's expression was solemn as he said, "I'm sorry, Yaohua. Even though Ning Xi is your daughter, she has implicated a human life. I'm afraid we can't just let things go so easily."

    Zheng Minjun immediately shouted emotionally, "She killed my grandchild. Of course, we have to report her to the police!"

    When Ning Xi heard this, she raised her brows slightly. "Oh, report me to the police?"

    Upon seeing Ning Xi's fearless attitude, Ning Yaohua became madder. "Animal! I don't care who you have backing you or who's supporting you! If this matter isn't resolved, don't think about going anywhere!"

    Initially, he had still been a little wary of the Zhuang family, but when he thought about the Zhuang family's strict ways, if they knew what Ning Xi had done, they would be the first ones to not spare her.

    Zhuang Lingyu sneered. "You look so sure about being backed up. You're probably relying on a gold mine that you have!"

    For Zhuang Lingyu to say so as her mother, everyone else in the house judged Ning Xi with an even stranger expression.

    "There were already rumors that she was taken in as a mistress. It turns out that it's real!"

    "Someone like this actually thought of marrying our Su Yan. What a joke!"

    "Now, all the little celebrities really aren't self-aware at all. All of them just want personal gain and they rack their brains, thinking about marrying into a rich family. They'll dare to use all sorts of tricks, but they won't consider what trash they are!"