Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2076

    Chapter 2076: Go Home To Be Stuffed With Displays of Affection

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    When Su Yan ran out to chase her, he was already too late. Ning Xueluo had already gotten into a taxi and the car made a turn, very quickly disappearing into the flow of traffic.

    Su Yan cursed under his breath before he quickly drove to catch up.


    At the Spirit company building.

    In the CEO office, Han Momo was looking sullen and was vigorously asking Ning Xi to let her work overtime.

    "Boss! Please! Please! Arrange for me to work overtime! Saturday, Sunday... Pack every night fully for me!"

    Ning Xi put the documents in her hands downand pinched between her brows. She did not know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at this girl before her. "This is the first time I've heard such a fresh and extraordinary request!"

    Han Momo was so anxious that her eyes were already teary. "Boss, I'm serious!"

    "Okay, tell me, why do you want to work overtime?"

    Han Momo kept it in and did not say anything for a long while, before finally crying out sadly, "My parents are abusing me at home every day!"

    Ning Xi was stunned. "Abusing you?"

    Han Momo instantly started to pour out all of her grievances. "Boss, I'm only 24 years old! I haven't even graduated for more than two years from university! I'm so young! They've already started to urge me to go look for a man, disliking the fact that I don't have a boyfriend!

    "But, clearly because they were so strict with me back then, my male classmate had just come to my house to inform me about something and his leg was almost broken by my father. Now,they start to urge me to get a man. Where do I go looking for that!?

    "Worse still, the two of them keep displaying their affection in front of me every day, and then mock me for being single! I can't go on like this!

    "Boss, I'm suffering on the inside! Please let me work overtime! I don't want to go home to be stuffed with displays of affections!"

    Han Momo said all of it at a go without being short of breath. Merely listening to her could make one sad and cry.

    After Han Momo finished complaining tearfully and saw Ning Xi staring at her with a blank expression, there was a loneliness on her face that she had never seen before. She could not help but worry a little as she scratched her head and asked carefully, "Boss, what's wrong?"

    Ning Xi returned to her senses and shook her head. "Nothing."

    Just listening to the little details of Han Momo's interactions with her parents made her suddenly feel a little... rueful...

    At this moment, Han Momo's phone suddenly rang.

    When Han Momo saw who it was, she looked like she was about to face a battle. She looked at Ning Xi and seemed like she was about to cry. She quickly took her phone aside and started speaking in a low voice.

    "Mother... No! I really need to work overtime! I'm not lying to you! If I lie to you, I'm a dog! I'm not calling you a dog! I'm referring to myself! Okay, okay... Since I really need to work overtime anyway..."

    Ning Xi sat behind her desk. She was not worried as quietly watched Han Momo speak on the phone.

    When she saw the way the girl seemed like she was weeping, she laughed softly and waved at her, telling her to pass the phone to her.

    Han Momo hesitated for a while before handing the phone over.

    "Hello, Aunty Han, I'm Momo's boss."

    "Ah..." On the other end of the phone, Mother Han was still nagging her daughter, but she suddenly stopped when she heard Ning Xi's voice. She changed to an extremely friendly tone. "Oh, it's Momo's boss! Hello, hello! Is Momo causing trouble for you? Or did she do anything wrong?"

    "No, Momo is very hardworking and she's doing very well too. I'm preparing to promote her, so in this period of time, she might have a little more work," said Ning Xi gently.

    "Ah! No worries, no worries! Young people should be hustling. The fact that you value her is Momo's honor! That girl is too carefree. Does she always make mistakes? If she does, Boss, you don't have to be courteous. Just ruthlessly criticize her. That way, she'll remember!"