Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2061

Chapter 2061: Listen To Whoever Wins

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"Master!" When she saw the certain someone leaning on the corner of the wall, Ning Xi was shocked too.

"Second Senior Brother, since when did you get a grandfather?" On the side, Feng Xiaoxiao studied them with suspicion, and then her eyes instantly lit up too. "Dang! Second Senior Brother, your grandfather is so handsome!"

After Tang Ye had a clear look at the man's face, the murderous air around him instantly expanded and he was all tensed up too.

Ning Xi quickly ran over to smooth things over. "Ah, no, no! This is my friend. It's that Master that I've told you guys about before. First Senior Brother, can your expression be not so frightening?!"

Then, she walked to Han Xiao in bewilderment. She looked at his mystical appearance as a beggar paralyzed on the streets and said, "Master, why are you here in Lorraine?"

Han Xiao held part of his underbelly and looked like he was dying.

Ning Xi thought he was hurt and she immediately looked worried. "Master, are you..."

In the next second, she heard the guy mournfully say, "Hungry..."

Ning Xi was baffled. Master was indeed amazing. His survival skills were indeed zero, and she was not sure how he had survived till today.

However, to meet a friend in a foreign place was still a joyful occurrence, so Ning Xi quickly invited him. "Master, we're just about to go eat, want to come along?"

"Yes!" Han Xiao immediately jumped up. "Kentucky?"

Ning Xi replied, "Huh? No..."

From the size, Tang Lang said earnestly, "Grandfather, don't keep thinking about those garbage fried food. Today we're going to eat fancy!"

Han Xiao frowned. "I don't like fancy-schmancy."

Tang Lang continued to coax him, "Grandfather, I guarantee that after you try it, you'll definitely like it. In fact, you won't want to eat Kentucky or McDonald's again!"

Han Xiao just replied, "Let's fight. We'll listen to whoever wins."

Tang Lang instantly turned to look at Ning Xi. "Little Junior Sister, let's have Kentucky!"

Ning Xi, Feng Xiaoxiao, and Tang Ye were speechless.

Fine, they would not be able to defeat him anyway.

In the end, the fancy meal that Tang Lang kept thinking about turned into fried food just like that.

Even more tragically was that there was no Kentucky nearby. At last, they could only watch as they were about to reach their initial restaurant, but they switched lanes and finally found a branch very far away.


Inside the small store, the five of them were miserably sitting around a small table.

"Master, what have you come to Lorraine for this time?" Ning Xi asked.

A certain Master held a piece of chicken in his left handand a burger in his right. He was munching happily and could not even hear anyone.

As he watched the anticipated fancy meal vanish, Tang Lang muttered in a lowered voice to Ning Xi, Tang Ye, and Feng Xiaoxiao, "Hmm, how about the four of us attack together!? Maybe we could win!"

Ning Xi eagerly passed the Master a drumstick as she shook her head like a rattle-drum. "If you want to die, go alone! Don't drag me in!"

Feng Xiaoxiao looked like she wanted to try her luck. "If he's really that good, I really want to try!"

Ning Xi warned her with a stern expression, "First Senior Brother and Second Senior Brother joined hands and they couldn't win!"

"Uhh, then forget it..." Feng Xiaoxiao made a discerning judgment and gave up.

Ning Xi was not sure how long Han Xiao had not eaten for, but he vacuumed everything up into his mouth. Ning Xi and Tang Lang were used to this, while Feng Xiaoxiao and Tang Ye were dumbfounded.

Especially Tang Ye, who initially still had a stern and vigilant expression, but now Han Xiao's image in his mind had probably crumbled...