Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 206

    Chapter 206: The Truth Comes Out

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    Liang Feixing was so shocked that he didn't even noticed his glass had fallen over and the water splashed everywhere

    He finally understood; no wonder the Big Boss himself had asked about Ning Xi so late at night. Ning Xi and Lu Jingli had that kind of relationship?

    In her mind, Ning Xi beat Lu Jingli 100 times; outwardly, her smile was so stiff that her face looked paralyzed. "Young Master, I can't tonight, I made plans with friends. Ill have to take a rain check!"

    Then, in a natural manner, she turned to Liang Feixing, Ling Zhizhi, and said, "Director Liang, Sister Ling, Lawyer Chen, if youre available, do join us! I once claimed to be a good cook and Young Master kept it in mind all this time. He is always asking me to cook for him to express my gratitude; I cant let him keep all the good stuff to himself! Thank you all so much for today! Thank you!"

    After she finished, bowed deeply.

    Just like that, Ning Xi was able to resolve all the embarrassing misunderstandings with just a few words.

    Ling Zhizhi nodded in appreciation and thought that this artiste was good at crisis management. She had also done well in the press conference, she was indeed a good investment.

    As for her relationship with Lu Jingli, it seemed easily to misunderstood, but there was obviously no chemistry between the two. They should just be very close friends.

    Regal Riveria Hotel, Ning Xueluos apartment.

    Su Yan brought nutritious food on his early morning visit. After some sweet talk, Su Yan looked at the time and turned on the TV.

    On the screen, the Glory World Entertainment Press Conference had just started and Lu Jingli was introducing Ning Xi as a new memberof the company.

    Ning Xueluo hadnt slept at all, she had to put on a thick layer of makeup just to cover the dark circles under her eyes. Shed stayed awake to see the live broadcast, but didn't expect Su Yans arrival.

    She didnt know what would happen, so she didn't want to watch it with Su Yan.

    Ning Xueluo clung to Su Yans arm like a little girl. "Brother Yan, what's so good about watching TV, pay attention to me instead! Lets do something else?"

    Su Yan patted her hand and continued to watch the screen attentively. "Xueluo, be quiet."

    "Brother Yan, why do you care so much about Ning Xi?" Ning Xueluo pretended to be jealous of her.

    "Dont you care? You don't want to know what the conference is about?"

    "I" Ning Xueluo choked. "Of course I care about Xiao Xi! I just don't like that youre giving her all your attention!"

    "Ok, don't act like a child. Be quiet and watch with me." Su Yan was abnormally firm about it.

    Ning Xueluo gnashed her teeth and could only sit there like she was sitting on needles, watching the broadcast.

    Ling Zhizhi was explaining Leng Manyuns decision to retire from the entertainment industry, then a reporter stood up and asked why Glory World wanted to sign on Ning Xi.

    Ning Xueluos heart was in her throat, she wished the situation would descend into chaos and end poorly.

    Unfortunately, this was a Glory World event. Even if the journalists wanted to make a scene, they wouldnt be able to voice more than a few complaints.

    Ning Xueluo cautiously watched Su Yans reaction, but realized that Su Yans eyes never once left Ning Xi, even though Ning Xi didn't say a word throughout the whole process.

    Ning Xueluo suddenly felt danger approaching; at the same time, the lawyer clicked his mouse and a familiar voice started to play

    It was Zhang Qiangs voice!!!

    Ning Xueluos heart sped up and she comforted herself non-stop. Even with Zhang Qiangs testimony, Ning Xi would only be able to prove herself innocent. Nobody would find out that she, NIng Xueluo, was the one behind everything.

    What happened next, however smashed her hopes one by one