Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2052

    Chapter 2052: Endless Treasures

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    Below the stage, some of those who were in the industry started to discreetly analyze.

    "Ever since David used 'Spring Garden' which led to a massive trend of Oriental style, many designers have started to add some Oriental elements on their designs in the recent years. There're been too many brands that followed that trend to count on my fingers. All of the elements that could be used have been used up!"

    "Indeed so! Innovating and coming up with something new and different is extremely hard!"

    "But now that it's confirmed that David's previous designs were all from him, that means all of David's success will return to the original owner. As long as he exhibits his talent, as usual, it'll be enough for him to take his place in the international fashion industry."


    At this moment, all of the lights around dimmed. The crowd's discussion instantly stopped too.

    Finally, on the T-shaped stage, the first model slowly floated from the backstage.

    It was a gown in a primary tone of navy blue with a wide cloak fanning out at the back. The warm sunset orange and inky color constructed an extravagant scene that was truly majestic.

    "That's... Dunhuang!" Someone instantly cried out from the crowd.

    The colors and pattern elements on the ready-made outfit were from China's treasure trove that was the largest scaled and the most abundant in classical cultural art. It was also a world-famous Buddhist art centre — the Mogao Caves of Dunhuang!

    Very quickly, the second outfit appeared before the crowd.

    This outfit was a rich gold in color. The gown was embroidered with two soaring dragons that leaped high. As was common knowledge, the totem of a dragon symbolized China.

    Between the dragon patterns were embroidery of colorful clouds that had auspicious messages. On the train of the dress, there seemed to be rolling waves as if everyone's ears were filled with the sound of roaring seas to mean "eternal peace and prosperity"!

    The third outfit made use of China's even more classic Qinghua porcelain element. The entire gown's patterns perfectly copied a Qinghua porcelain vase from the Song Dynasty. It was accompanied with entangling branches of Qinghua, a dragon,  qilin  [1], phoenix, magpie, and more as ornaments.

    The fourth set was a body-hugging gown with a train in red. The gown was embroidered with a red-crowned crane and plum blossoms, instantly transporting everyone into China's vast wonderland.

    The fifth outfit, the sixth, the seventh...

    One after another, ready-made outfits appeared before the crowd. Every set represented China's ancient and unique elements, stunning everyone until they gasped in amazement.

    No one would have predicted that this designer that appeared so gentle and harmless had such a shocking force within him. It was not just one outfit, but ten whole outfits that took everyone's breaths away!

    Off-stage, all the intuitive well-known buyers were already been wildly trying to find a way to contact Spirit. They were prepared to snap up Spirit's work this season as all the superstars around the world were already anticipating to put on these unique gowns.

    "This is unfathomable!"

    "Mad beautiful! Every outfit! Every outfit is so unique and unmatched!"

    "With this standard of design, even just one outfit would take several months. There are ten whole outfits here. How in the world did he do it?"


    Spirit's show ended with a high note of praise.

    Facing more and more exclaims of admiration, Gong Shangze said, "Why, almost all designers would meet with the predicament of dried up inspiration! However, I've always felt blessed being a Chinese designer because in China's 5000 years of culture, there are endless inspiration and treasures to be unearthed!"

    The instant Gong Shangze finished, the crowd broke into a thunderous applause.

    Those far away in China were even moved to tears.

    In the live stream channels, Gong Shangze's and Spirit's names plastered the screens!