Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 205

    Chapter 205: Make More Money for the Boss

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    Lu Jingli gave a flawless, perfect answer.

    The journalists realized that they couldnt get what they wanted from Lu Jingli, so they moved on to Ning Xi.

    Although Ning Xi was the star of todays press conference, Glory World was providing her with watertight protection. She didn't need to personally deal with anything.

    Journalist: "Ning Xi, as far as anyone knows, you have a close relationship with Ning Xueluo. What is her motivation? Is there a misunderstanding between you two?"

    Ning Xi: "This question, I think you are asking the wrong person."

    Journalist: "The staff at your apartment said that you left it a few months ago, what do you have to say about that?"

    Ning Xi: "Nothing. Its my freedom to live wherever I want."

    Journalist: "So where have you been staying for all this time? Can you tell us?"

    Ning Xi: "At a friends place."

    Journalist: "Does Jiang Muye know about your joining Glory World? Its said that you two have a good relationship as fellow cast members, is he involved in this incident?"

    Ning Xi: "He knows; yes, we are ok; and no, he doesnt."


    Ning Xi was really difficult to deal with, it was impossible to get any gossip out of her

    The journalists were helpless, so they had to give up on the sensitive questions and asked about something else: "To be able to join Glory World can be seen as a blessing in disguise, what are your thoughts on that?"

    Ning Xi: "I plan to work hard and make more money for my boss, to thank him for his appreciation and prove him right."

    The journalists assumed the boss she mentioned was Lu Jingli, only Lu Jingli knew that she was talking about his brother.

    Tut Tut, his brother would be so happy to hear that!

    "Ok, this is the end of today's press conference. If you have further questions you can make appointments for private interviews. From now on, Ning Xis manager, Ms. Ling Zhizhi, will be responsible for her public issues." Liang Feixiang stood up and ended the conference.

    The journalists couldnt get enough of it; Starlights press conference had lasted three hours and accused Ning Xi in various ways, but Glory World had exposed such explosive news in only 30 minutes. Who had the upper ground was clear to see.

    As the journalists were about to leave, Lu Jingli suddenly spoke up. "Wait."


    More news?

    The journalists all turned around excitedly.

    Lu Jingli smiled nicely, as always, and kindly reminded them, "Havent you all forgotten something?"

    Eh, forgot what?

    The journalists looked at each other, confused.

    Lu Jingli was still smiling, but there was no warmth in his eyes. "Ning Xi has been blamed by you all for so many days and was made to carry so many false accusations. None of you will say anything about that? Thats not very polite, right?"

    The journalists were all embarrassed and hurriedly competed to apologize to Ning Xi, all while hating Ning Xueluo on the inside.

    Ning Xi raised her eyebrows and thought that this funny little corp was pretty good at scaring people when he got serious!

    However, Lu Jingli returned to his usual self as soon as they were backstage and happily jumped up and down

    "Little Xi Xi, Little Xi Xi, my dearest Little Xi Xi You have nothing scheduled for this afternoon, shall we eat at home tonight? I will buy materials, wash the vegetables, and clean up the dishes, all you need to do is cook!"

    "..." At once, Ning Xi took back all of her previous thoughts and just wanted to kick this dummy's ass

    Did he know how easily his words could be misunderstood?