Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2049

    Chapter 2049: Final Struggle

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    "As for the 'Rainbow Feathers', I spent two years completing it, thinking that one day I could use it to participate in an international fashion show. Back then, a fire happened in the sample room. David told me that the 'Rainbow Feathers' was destroyed... until I found out today that he stole them!"

    The venue was quiet. Everyone focused on the young man's angry and trembling voice, their feelings wavering along with his rant.

    Gong Shangze took a pause, then he continued, "Maybe I should be grateful for his greed. If not, I could never have proven my innocence, and no one would have believed me. When he became the lead designer of History and shocked the world with 'Spring Garden', as he became the leader of the industry, as he became the pride of China, I was dirt poor and was begging on the streets of Lorraine. Who would believe the words of a beggar?

    "Afterwards, I became the lead designer of Spirit, but because History was created first and David had been using my design, everyone assumed that I plagiarized History's style."

    Everyone was already very mad at this point.

    "God! This... This is so shameless!"

    "No wonder Spirit's design style is so similar to History's! I never expected the truth to be this! History is Gong Shangze's design, so of course, they look similar!"

    "Damn! I even criticized Spirit for plagiarizing before!"

    Qu Guanyang listened to the young man and felt his sorrow.

    He experienced an odd sensation back then during the Golden Top Award. Why were the designs of History and Spirit so similar? They were not just similar. They were so identical that they could have beendesigned by the same person.

    His judgment back then was not mistaken. They were made by the same person after all.

    Afterwards, History kept their original style, but somehow something was lacking. The stolen drafts had probably been used up and their work after thatwas not from Gong Shangze anymore.

    The president of Lorraine Fashion Society, Akas, stared at David. "David, do you have anything else to say about Gong Shangze's accusation?"

    David had a horrid expression as his breath quickened.

    No... He could not just let things end like this

    Even if he lied, even if "Rainbow Feathers" was not made by him, he still had a chance, but if there was proof that all the other designs were not from him, then he would really be done for!

    David yelled loudly, "He's lying! I created History. Each and every draft was made by me personally. Because the technique involved with 'Rainbow Feathers' was too complicated, I hired an outsider to complete the embroidery. I can apologize for that lie!

    "However, I didn't expect the person hired would be Gong Shangze and I fell into his trap. Not only did he leave his name on the clothing, he even accused me of stealing all his designs. How ridiculous! History's been around for three years. How many designs could I have stolen to keep History as the top brand in China?!"