Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2046

Chapter 2046: Unique Technique

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Akas's expression darkened. "But earlier you've admitted yourself that you completed all the clothing's embroidery on your own."

David said without a change in expression, "Indeed, that is so, but I really don't know why the three words 'Gong Shangze' would appear in my work!"

David was determined to deny it until the end.

The crowd present could not decide in that instance.

"Uhh, could these clothes have been secretly tampered with afterwards?"

"I think there's a possibility!"

"It must be like that. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense at all!"


Compared to Gong Shangze who was unknown in the international fashion industry, everyone would subconsciously believe David more.

Because of David's hints, everyone naturally wondered if the clothes had been tampered with.

When Akas heard, he pondered too, "Indeed we can't rule out the possibility that these characters had been embroidered on afterwards without your knowledge."

When David heard the replies that had been within his expectations, he instantly let out a long sigh of relief.

Still, before the corner of David's lips could curl up into a smile, he saw that the young man beside Akas had said with a certain voice and without expression, "Impossible."

Suddenly, everyone's gazes fell onto the young man again.

Akas frowned and asked, "Why is that impossible?"

Because of the huge twist earlier, this time, no one spoke rashly. Everyone held their breaths and waited for the young man's answer.

Gong Shangze folded up one of the sleeves and answered word for word, "Because, for this part of the embroidery, I used the technique of double-sided three-fold embroidery."

Double-sided three-fold embroidery?

What was that?

When they heard this incredibly alien term, the crowd started to buzz with discussion again.

"Uhh, what's double-sided three-fold embroidery?"

"I don't know. I've never even heard of it!"

"I have heard of double-sided embroidery. It's a very hard embroidering technique. Single-sided embroidery only needs the front to look delicate. However, the threads going on the other side could be neglected, while double-sided embroidery requires both sides to be equally neat and well distributed."


Even Chinese people did not understand what Gong Shangze had mentioned. For the Chinese in the industry to only know a little, what more the foreigners? At the moment, everyone was baffled.

Right at this moment, a middle-aged man in a white flax lounging outfit walked up onto the stage.

When the crowd saw they instantly cried out excitedly, "It's Qu Guanyang!"

"Right! Teacher Qu will definitely know!"


Akas had been troubled earlier, but when he saw Qu Guanyang walk over, he instantly let out a sigh of relief. "Qu, I'm afraid I'll have to trouble you about this!"

"President Akas, you're too courteous." Qu Guanyang nodded and shared greetings with Akas before his insightful eyes skimmed the young man beside Akas.

The first time he saw this young one was at the Golden Awards. His design style had been accused of copying David, yet in the end, he had with true capabilities bagged that year's Golden Award with a full score.

He never could have imagined that they would meet again in a situation like this.

Gong Shangze's clear and clean gaze calmly returned the middle-aged man's glance.

Under everyone's nervous and curious gazes, Qu Guanyang very quickly retrieved his gaze and started to closely inspect every part of the clothes where the characters "Gong Shangze" had been embroidered.

Time passed by...

Qu Guanyang finally put the clothes hem in his hand down.