Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2040

    Chapter 2040: Heart-wrenching Pain

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    "Oh my God! This is mind-blowingly beautiful!"

    "Is this the legendary craftsmanship of China?"

    "If I'm seeing it correctly, these few sets of outfits use the k'o-ssu[1]technique that dated back to the Tang dynasty. The craftsmanship is extremely complicated. Just a few meters will cost an artisan a few months!"

    "How unique! Such magical Chinese culture!"

    Those present who were in this line of work and even the designers who had a prejudice against Chinese style had, at this moment, been stunned by the gorgeous and exquisite Rainbow Feathers clothing on the model.

    At this moment, all of the fans from China were emotional in the live streams. All of them were filled with pride.

    "Oh! Pretty, pretty, pretty! China's culture is just stunning!"

    "Too awesome! History didn't let us down! Shaking, aren't you!? This is the traditional culture from the distant past of China!"

    "I feel like I'm about to become a Ning Xueluo fan!"


    Amidst the overwhelming praises, no one noticed that in a certain corner where the lighting was dim, a delicate-looking young man had turned pale. His trembling lips were almost bittentill they bled.

    Rainbow! Feathers!

    His Rainbow Feathers!

    His Rainbow Feathers that he had spent half a year drafting designs of, and then another two whole years personally learning the skill from an old artisan before he finished it on his own with every needle and thread!

    The Rainbow Feathers series that David had lied to him back then about how it had been destroyed in the sample room's huge fire!

    Yet at this moment, it had appeared at the Lorraine International Fashion Week's T-shaped stage right before his eyes.

    It was not the joy of regaining a loss. Instead, it was a torrential fury and hatred that bubbled up in him. It was the heart-wrenching pain of his flesh and blood being forcefully stolen by someone else!

    Gong Shangze's eyes flashed with bloodlust. The veins on his forehead popped and his chest heaved increasingly intensely. His handsome face turned almost sinister as the blood in his entire body seemed to be flowing in reverse.

    Not too far away in her seat, Ning Xi had a bad feeling the instant History's work appeared. Her first reaction was to observe Gong Shangze's reaction.

    What she saw was indeed Gong Shangze seeming worse and worse. The young man's expression clearly showed that he was on the edge of breaking down.

    Ning Xi had never seen Gong Shangze this stirred up.


    When Ning Xi saw this, she frowned.

    It looked like David's so-called heartfelt work of two years was actually Gong Shangze's design.

    In fact, it was probably not just the design. This so-called product might have even been personally handmade by Gong Shangze himself!

    She remembered that more than once, she had heard Gong Shangze mention that the most perfect work of his life had been destroyed in a fire.

    That set of clothes were called "Rainbow Feathers".

    Could it be...

    History's work had the world's breath away once again. All the journalists rushed up to interview the chief designer, David.

    A certain foreign journalist asked, "Director David, this time your work is stunning. I wonder where your inspiration came from."

    David smiled and said arrogantly, "Obviously, it comes from China's 5000-year culture!"

    A certain Chinese journalist looked moved. "Director David, you're amazing! May we ask which of the ancient designs have these clothes utilized? Apparently, you've handmade all of it yourself. Is that true?"

    David nodded. "I used K'o-ssu,Su embroidery, Gold embroidery, and other techniques. I completed the design drafts myself, but the production was completed by my team. We've all equally contributed."

    "Director David, you're too humble. Everyone knows that the design is the soul of a clothing! Other than that, Mr. David, this time, your design is even more outstanding than the 'Spring Garden' show two years ago. I wonder what your series theme this time is called." The journalist complimented.

    David answered, "It's called 'Rainbow Feathers'."

    1. Chinese silk tapestry woven in a pictorial design