Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 204

Chapter 204: We Certainly Have A Special Relationship

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Compared to Lu Jingli, who had the distasteful hobby of keeping others guessing, Chen Jings quick and efficient presentation of evidence took only three minutes, leaving everyone on site confused and disoriented. It was like atomic bombs had been set off one after the other.

Sitting beside him, Liang Feixing suddenly found that there was not much left for him to do, so he touched his nose and said, "Okay, let's move on to the question-and-answer session. You can ask anything you want!"

Reporters: ""

What... what could they freaking ask!!!

The dramatic reversal had been like a tornado; they had no idea what to ask!

In fact, they had guessed from the start that Glory World might have been planning to clear Ning Xis reputation, and they even considered the possibility that Zhang Qiang had been bribed to frame her.

But no one could have guessed that the person who had bribed Zhang Qiang was Ning Xueluo herself, or that this whole charade had been directed and acted out by Ning Xueluo from behind the scenes.

Had Ning Xueluo been fooling those reporters who prided themselves on being righteous, together with all the enthusiastic netizens who had denounced Ning Xi, all this time?

It was extremely difficult for them to accept this fact, but the irrefutable evidence was right in front of them and couldnt be denied.

Finally, after a long time, one hand was weakly raised from within the crowd.

Liang Feixing signaled for him to ask his questions.

The reporter who had raised his hand stood up and looked at Chen Jing. "I would like to ask the lawyer, how did you get this evidence? Is it legal? How can you prove its authenticity?"

Chen Jing glanced at the reporter and then spoke. "I am here, that is enough to prove its authenticity."

"Er" The reporter was speechless, and unable to contradict him.

After all, Chen Jing's authority and professionalism were well-known, so his asking such a question was really just him embarrassing himself

"The channels through which we acquired the evidence are also legal. The police have already been involved in this matter." Chen Jings face as he said these words looked impartial and trustworthy. He didnt bat an eye.

All the reporters nodded and no longer doubted the validity and authenticity of the evidence.

Embarrassed, Ning Xi tucked her hair behind one ear. She really admired Big Lawyer Chen. Sitting beside him, she felt extremely guilty, okay?

What legal means? The oral confession had been extorted through torture, and the evidence had been obtained through Lu Tingxiaos hacking

No wonder shed felt a sense of dj vu when shed first met Chen. She finally understood that it was because Chen's work style was very similar to that of Lu Tingxiaos.

Sure enough, birds of a feather flock together.

One after another, the reporters then broke out of their shock and came to their senses before competing to ask questions.

Reporter: "I want to ask General Manager Lu, why are you spending so much time and energy helping Ning Xi? Do you have a special, private relationship with Ning Xi as the rumors say?"

Lu Jingli touched his chin and thought, they certainly had a special relationship. Ning Xi was his future sister-in-law!

"The relationship between Ning Xi and me is, to put it briefly, like Bo Le 1 and a swift horse.

"As for why I am spending so much time and energy, it's because I believe in my eyes and ability to judge people. She is worth it.

"I will say this here today: in the future, you will realize that this is the greatest investment I have ever made, and Starlight will be sorry for losing Ning Xi!"

  1. Bo Le was a famous Chinese horse tamer.