Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2034

    Chapter 2034: My Poor Eyes

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    Ning Xi changed and walked downstairs with soft footsteps.

    From afar, she saw that Little Treasure was taking care of the tiger cub while a certain someone held a newspaper in his hands. He wore casual home clothes as his forehead tilted forward while he sat on the rattan chair under a rack of flowers in the manner of an immortal without a trace of mundanity.

    Ning Xi ran over and then glared at him angrily.

    Lu Tingxiao instantly gulped at the way his wife's beautiful eyes were spurting fires of rage. He put the newspaper in his hands downand hurled out a hand to pull her to his knees. His wide palm started to massage her aching lower back with the right amount of strength. "What's wrong?"

    "Massage a little higher!" Ning Xi asked with a darkened expression, "How dare you ask? I already told you I had something to do today!"

    "I only did it once."

    When she saw his innocent expression, Ning Xi exploded. "Then, did I feed it to the dogs the few times after that?"

    Lu Tingxiao's lips curled. "The few times after that, you asked for it, my wife. Did you forget?"


    Shoot! It really was her who had asked for it...

    Bloody hell, the problem was that he made the first move to seduce her, so how could she resist?

    Now, she finally knew why there were so many incapable rulers who were charmed by lust in history.


    Whatever it was, when Ning Xi had rushed to look for Jiang Muye, it was already late at night.

    Ning Xi managed to console the little master with all of her might.

    "Don't waste time anymore. Quickly go change!"

    When he saw Ning Xi's impatient manner, Jiang Muye was even angrier. This dude wanted to see him in a female outfit so much, yet she could still be late for an entire day and only woke after sleeping till the afternoon. He could already guess with the tip of his toes about what she had been doing last night.

    Ning Xi waited anxiously in the living room as Jiang Muye dillydallied for about half an hour before his bedroom door finally opened.

    "Have you changed?" Ning Xi impatiently looked over.

    In the next second, Ning Xi covered her eyes and rolled in suffering on the sofa. "Crap! My poor eyes!"

    When Jiang Muye saw Ning Xi's reaction, he was so angry that he stomped over in his high heels aggressively. "Ning Xiao Xi, what do you mean?"

    Jiang Muye wore a red dress with a pair of 12-centimeter high heels. His hair was tousled in golden waves and he had smoky-eye makeup and flaming red lips.

    This scene... was just...

    Ning Xi was dying as she held her chest in fits of laughter. "Even if I was late, you can't take revenge on me like this!"

    Jiang Muye frowned. "Do I look that terrible? But I was just following Carl's image!"

    Ning Xi opened her eyes with much difficulty and looked at Jiang Muye. "The person who played Carl in the original version was smaller than you. His features weren't as sharp as yours too. Of course, this look is fine, but for you to completely imitate him is too shocking!"

    "Then, what do you suggest I do?"

    Soon, they would be going to Lorraine to shoot and his scene in the female disguise was coming up very soon. Even though he had already read the script through and through, the challenge for this character this time was huge and he was really not confident.

    When the time came, the filming crew would have professionals do his makeup. However, before that, he needed to have a foundation himself, which was why he had pulled Ning Xi over for advice. Initially, Lei Ming had said he would arrange a professional stylist for him, but he had firmly rejected the offer.

    Ning Xi pinched the space between her brows. "Enough, change out of all your clothes. I'll help you do your makeup again too! You really don't know how to use things sparingly!"

    "Are you sure you can?" Jiang Muye looked at her a little worriedly.

    "Believe my judgment, alright? I'm just worried that you'll fall in love with yourself later!"

    Jiang Muye was speechless.