Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2033

    Chapter 2033: Im Focusing

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    As the entertainment industry was still gossiping about the topic of cheating and mistresses, the international market experienced drastic changes each day. All the magazines and economy sections of newspapers were talking about it.

    For the Lu Corporation, Lu Tingxiao's name almost appeared as much as Ning Xi's name in the entertainment section.

    The man, who was supposedly controlling the fate of China, was now holding the hand of his wife and trimming her nails.

    His phone rang but Lu Tingxiao was busy with his hands, so he signaled to Ning Xi to pick it up for him.

    Ning Xi held the phone with her free hand and placed it next to Lu Tingxiao's ear.

    Lu Tingxiao polished his wife's nail cleanly as he spoke to the other person on the phone, "You're giving me too much credit. As a citizen of China, it's my responsibility"

    Lu Tingxiao used a lot of technical terms related to economics, so Ning Xi understood nothing about them, but she felt that his tone was a little odd.

    "Change your hand," reminded Lu Tingxiao.

    "Oh" Ning Xi swapped her hand. Lu Tingxiao continued to polish the other hand which had beenholding the phone earlier.

    Lu Tingxiao's expression became gentler as the person on the phone said something. He replied, "My wife."

    After the call ended, Ning Xi's fingernails were polished like artistic artifacts.

    "Darling, who called you just now?" Ning Xi asked.

    Lu Tingxiao gave her a name.

    "Damn!" Ning Xi almost vomited blood. "Shouldn't you be more focused!?"

    He had been on the call with that person while polishing her nails!

    She felt her nails were burdened with great sin!

    With that person calling him this late at night, it seems that things were really tough.

    It was not exactly a bad thing. At least, Lu Tingxiao was not alone, the country was with him.

    "I'm focusing." The man kissed the girl's finger.

    Ning Xi was speechless.

    Focused on polishing her nails?

    Ning Xi was lifted airborne and they went upstairs into the bedroom.

    Little Treasure was in the next room and was already fast asleep.

    "Do you have to be up early tomorrow?"

    At the same time, the man put the girl gently on the bed, then he used his long fingers to unbutton her qipao.

    Her ccollarbonewas revealed and the man's eyes darkened. The next moment, he was kissing her skin.

    Ning Xi trembled a little. "Hmm... I don't have work tomorrow... but I'm helping Jiang Muye for his feminine image"

    "Mmm," the man replied.

    In the end

    The sun was already rising and the chirping of birds came through the window.

    In the bedroom, Ning Xi's hair was all damp with sweat and she had no more stamina, yet the man in front of her was still energetic.

    When Ning Xi woke up, it was not morning or afternoon. In fact, it was already evening and the sky was getting dark.

    Ning Xi scratched her head and took a look at her phone. As expected, Jiang Muye had called her countless times.