Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2029

    Chapter 2029: Final Struggle

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    When she said this, Ning Xueluo choked on her tears and her trembling fingers stroked her lower abdomen. "Bro Yan, as long as you can be happy, I can do anything... but, Bro Yan, I can't... Our child... What do we do with our child?"

    Su Yan sat on the side of the bed and wiped the girl's tears away, yet his heart was numb and there was no emotion in his tone. "Don't think too much. Xiao Xi and I are impossible."

    There was once when every time Ning Xueluo cried before him, he would have an unlimited amount of energy and desire to protect her. He would have protected her regardless of anything.

    Now, his tears were akin to an abyss filled with poison that shackled him. He could not breatheand only wantedto break free.

    When she heard Su Yan's words, Ning Xueluo did not look any better. Instead, she turned even paler.

    Was it just because he and Ning Xi were not possible anymore?

    What if he and Ning Xi still had a possibility?

    What if she was not pregnant?

    Or maybe he was just waiting for after she gave birth to their child.

    Would he immediately kick her aside and impatiently marry Ning Xi?

    When she thought about this, the fingers that Ning Xueluo used to stroke her underbelly suddenly tightened and her eyes were gloomy.


    Two days after that, Su Yan posted a Weibo.

    In the same boat under wind and rain[1].

    He attached a picture of his and Ning Xueluo's hands with their fingers laced together.

    These past two days, Ning Xi's fans and some passersby had already scolded Su Yan and Ning Xueluo until they were totally crushed helplessly. Ning Xueluo was still a pregnant woman after all, and they had been married for so long. Now, Su Yan stated that he had chosen his family.

    Even if everyone felt unjustified for Ning Xi, it would not be kind of them to comment too much on someone else's family matters.

    The recrimination online slowly faded away.

    In this period of time, Yin Youyou suddenly posted a statement announcing that she would be quitting the entertainment industry forever.

    If this news had been released in an isolated manner, it would be enough to cause a huge commotion in the entertainment industry. However, because the headlines of Han Zixuan being banned dominated, the incident of Yin Youyou quitting the entertainment industry only caused a small splash. Very quickly, the public's focus returned to Han Zixuan.

    This time, Han Zixuan's image was completely destroyed. She was banned by the entire entertainment industry. Even if she did not give up and ran about to knock on doors, now even the worst entertainment company was not willing to take her. Ning Xueluo could not be contacted at all.

    At Imperial Central Plaza.

    Han Zixuan wore a huge pair of shades and wrapped herself tightly as she walked to the car.

    Yi Xudong had suddenly sent her a text message and asked to meet up.

    Now, Yi Xudong was no longer the CEO of Glory World Entertainment. He started his own entertainment company, but he had not come up with anything and had been running it at a loss. If it were not for his wife providing him with money, it would have long closed down.

    Han Zixuan despised Yi Xudong, but at this moment, she was desperate. All of her savings that she had since she debuted all went into paying for the penalty of ending her contract. Even the properties under her name had been taken by the court. She had been used to a life of luxury and could barely make it these days without any money.

    Zheng Anru wanted to treat her like a prostitute and sell herself cheaply to those newly rich bosses that she looked on in disdain back then. How could she have endured that?

    Han Zixuan looked around carefully and then quickly walked towards the restaurant not too far away.

    However, she had just gotten down the car and walked for a while when she suddenly met two black pillars.

    She looked up and saw two mean-looking big guys blocking her way with hostility.

    Han Zixuan's expression changed as she took a few steps backwards."You..."