Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2028

    Chapter 2028: Endure For Now

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    Su Hongguang echoed along from the side, "As for Su Yan, he has long figured things out. The problem that you are worried about definitely won't happen."

    When she saw Zheng Minjun and Su Hongguang's attitude, Zhuang Lingyu's expression softened.

    After all, the main culprit of this incident was still Ning Xi, that damned brat!

    Zhuang Lingyu sighed, "We can obviously see how you and Su Yan have been treating our Xueluo, but now that the matter has reached this stage, how's our Xueluo supposed to face everyone from now on? How can she still establish herself in this circle from now on?"

    Su Hongguang quickly assured, "That isn't a problem. Even if Ning Xi and Su Yan had started dating first, it was still something that happened before they got married. Xueluo and Su Yan have already been married for so long, and they even have a child now. As long as Su Yan and Xueluo still love each other, everyone will only talk about this for a few days at the most. Later on, I will chat with Su Yan and tell him to make a statement. I'll definitely handle this matter well. Please don't worry."

    Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua nodded, satisfied.


    Before Su Yan entered the ward to see Ning Xueluo, Su Hongguang called him aside to speak.


    Su Hongguang looked at his son and sighed, "Su Yan, this matter is can be quite grave. You must know that as an heir of a family clan, marriage is extremely important to your image."

    "I know." Su Yan nodded with fatigue.

    "Now, everyone already knows about Xueluo being pregnant. Even if it was exposed that back then it was Ning Xi who dated you first, but to divorce Xueluo right now... abandoning a pregnant woman, if word gets out, it will definitely affect our Su family's reputation significantly.

    "Now, on Xueluo's side, we must calm her down first. As for Ning Xi, to avoid arousing suspicion, it's best if you don't get too close," reprimanded Su Hongguang with a stern tone.

    Clearly, now was definitely not the best time for a divorce.

    When Su Yan heard his father, his pupils shrunk slightly. Initially, Xueluo's pregnancy had already made him ashamed to face her. This time, because of him, Ning Xi was almost pushed off the edge. How could he be not in the least concerned?

    Su Hongguang patted his son's shoulder and consoled him with a hint, "Su Yan, I understand how you feel. Those who do big things must understand how to exercise patience. Now, everything must wait until Xueluo safely gives birth to the child. Do you understand?"

    Su Yan took a deep breath as he suppressed the emotions in his heart and said, "Father, I understand."

    In the ward.

    Ning Xueluo's eyes were red as she leaned back on the bedhead, looking absent-minded.

    When she heard the familiar sounds of footstep from the entrance, Ning Xueluo slowly turned to look over. The instant she saw the man, the tears that she had kept in for a long time suddenly fell at once. "Bro Yan..."

    As he looked at this girl who was carrying his baby, Su Yan avoided her gaze like a sorry figure. He was silent for a long time, but he finally mustered the strength to say, "I'm sorry."

    She heard Su Yan's apology and how he did not defend himself at all, just admitting to everything.

    Ning Xueluo tightened her fists that were under her blanket. She disguised the malevolence in her eyes and her expression became even more miserable. She forced a laugh and said, "Actually, I knew... I should've known. Sister is so beautiful, so excellent. No matter what, I chase I can't catch up to her. There will be a day when you will return to her side...

    "Whether it was in the past or right now, I've never thought of fighting for anything with Sister. If I could, I would be willing... willing to matchmake the two of you..."