Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2022

    Chapter 2022: Through Thick and Thin

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    The crowd that had been puzzled from the start slowly began to recover their senses. They started to analyze matters one by one.

    It was better if they did not analyze things, because in the end, after deeperthought, it became frightening.

    "Bloody hell! I really thought Ning Xueluo was innocent. Now that I think more about it, this girl was a manipulative prostitute! What encouraging goddess? Everything that she has today was clearly all stolen from Ning Xi! Without the Ning family, would she have been able to make it in the entertainment industry? If she didn't hook up with Su Yan, which rich and powerful family would take in a wild fowl?"

    "Han Zixuan, Ning Xueluo... No wonder these two people have such a close relationship! Indeed, birds of a feather flock together!"

    "Ning Xi was really f*cked up! Since she was a baby, she was carried home wrongly. She's a proper heiress who became stranded among commoners, forcing her to have a home she couldn't return to. And just when she finally thought she found true love, she was betrayed. Someone who was supposed to be the person she loved most hurt her completely!"

    "Still, Ning Xi had never once used her background or personal matters to gain pity. Instead, she relied on her own capabilities without a word and climbed to what she is today!"

    "Instead, it was certain people, who weren't satisfied with stealing people's parents and boyfriend. She even wanted to force people to their doom! She's already pregnant. Doesn't she know to cultivate some good karma for the child in her womb?"


    At this moment, Ning Xueluo stared at the live stream on her laptop, her initially pure little face twisted into a wicked expression.

    "Xiao Xi, Iregret it and I finally understood who I really like, no, really love is..."

    "Xiao Xi, I've already lied to myself for too long. I don't want to continue deceiving others and myself."

    "I'll give you a title, I'll marry you. I'll handle everything! You'll still be Mrs. Su. We can start everything all over again!"

    Su Yan's every word and sentence, all the comments from the media and the spectators made Ning Xueluo tremble violently. Her sharp nails stabbed into her palms until fresh red blood started to drip onto the ground.

    What did they mean by a mistress climbing to the top!?

    Su Yan liked her. He loved her!

    Ning Xi was the third party that had wrecked their marriage! Ning Xi was the shameless slut that stole her man!

    Now, the entire world knew that Ning Xueluo's man had pestered Ning Xi, and even wanted to divorce her for Ning Xi.

    Such humiliation was about to drive her crazy!

    "Ning Xi..."

    Ning Xi!

    How dare you!?

    I want you dead!

    I want you to die horribly!

    In the charity dinner hall, the reporters had surrounded Ning Xi once again.

    "Miss Ning Xi, how did Ning Xueluo get in between you and Su Yan back then? What was the actual situation? Could you tell us?"

    "Ning Xi, from the conversation, we can tell that Su Yan has already regretted it, and even wanted to get a divorce for you. Would you get back together with Su Yan?"

    "Ning Xi, Starlight has been trying to poach you. Would you choose to leave? After all, putting aside all of the personal elements, given their capabilities, wouldn't Starlight be better for your career?"


    Regarding the personal matters, Ning Xi did not answer. Her gaze skimmed everyone present, and then she said, "Since all the friends of the media and my fellow artistes of the industry are here, I'd like for everyone to be my witness."

    When they heard Ning Xi, all the media and artistes instantly held their breaths and waited for Ning Xi's next words.

    Ning Xi paused, then she looked towards the camera and continued, "I, Ning Xi, today swear that in living, I am Glory World's artiste. In death, I am also Glory World's ghost. As long as I'm still in the entertainment industry, I definitely won't leave Glory World. I will be with Glory World through thick and thin."