Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Lineup of A Lifetime

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Not only did they underestimate Ning Xi, but they had underestimated her to a ridiculous degree!

To them, the press conference being held by Glory World at nine o'clock tomorrow morning was like a timebomb. Anything could happen.

Starlights press conference had only just ended, but Glory Worlds reaction was so fast that there could be no doubt it had been premeditated.

At present, even their water army was unable to reverse public opinion. What people everywhere were waiting for was tomorrows press conference. All of the citys media correspondents would probably attend.

Irritated, Ning Xueluo paced through piles of smashed objects, looking like a caged beast. "What exactly is Glory Worlds press conference supposed to be about? You havent heard anything?"

Chang Li shook her head. "Weve tried all kinds of methods, but Ning Xis matter is probably only known by some members of Glory Worlds senior management team. No one else heard anything about it until they read Lu Jinglis Weibo message. We cant learn anything at all!"

"What about Lin Zhizhi? Didnt she forward Ning Xis Weibo message? She must be her agent! She must know something!"

Chang Li noticed Ning Xueluos obviously chaotic appearance, and sighed. "Before, when Lin Zhizhi was also in charge of Leng Manyun, we fought and grabbed her role. How can we possibly learn anything from her?"

Ning Xueluo was infuriated. "This doesnt work, neither does that. Do we have to just sit and wait until morning?"

Chang Li would have liked to reply that there really was nothing they could do but sit and wait.

Ning Xueluo downed the rest of the wine on the table, and a sharp light flashed through her eyes. "That bumpkin! So what if she joins Glory World? So what if she has them backing her! Does she think shell be able to rest easy after joining Glory World?"

Cui Caijing hurriedly seized the opportunity to approach and say something nice. "Yeah! Sister Xueluo, as long as she still has that stain, shell be unable to lift her head before you all her life! Besides, there must be an inside story to her joining Glory World, well have plenty of chances to catch her doing wrong! With people like her, Glory World would also be incriminated by association sooner or later"

The next morning, Pearl Hotel banquet hall.

All the reporters and media correspondents were ready and anxiously waiting for the main attraction to show up.

The entertainment industry hadn't had such big news for a long time.

They felt that any selling point today could become a headline.

In addition to the reporters on the scene, all the people who were following the matter with interest were sitting by a TV, waiting for the live telecast.

At nine o'clock, the people of Glory World took their seats one by one.

In the middle sat Ning Xi with Lin Zhizhi on her left and Lawyer Chen Jing on her right. The Director of the Public Relations Department, Liang Feixing, and Lu Jingli were also present.

Just the lineup alone had already stunned numerous reporters.

"God! My dog eyes! Ning Xis agent is actually Lin Zhizhi! This is like covertly announcing that Leng Manyuns retirement is real! What does Glory World mean by arranging Lin Zhizhi to be Ning Xis agent? Do they want her to be Leng Manyuns successor?"

"Why does the man on Ning Xis right look familiar? Isn't he that lawyer, Chen Jing, who handled that big economic case some time ago?"

"Liang Feixing also appeared in person"

"So what if its Liang Feixing? The General Manager, Lu Jingli, is also sitting there, okay!"

"God! This lineup! How amazing! A lifetime series!"

"Yeah! Which press conference for an artiste has ever had this kind of turnout?"