Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2013

    Chapter 2013: Dogfight

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    Facing the harsh questions and the mocking gazes from everyone else, Ning Xi was not fazed at all. She scanned through them with her cold eyes, and the voices lowered down a little. Ning Xi then said, "Today is the charity dinner organized by LA. It's not my personal press conference. If there are any questions, I'll answer them after the event is over. Now, please don't disrupt the event. Thank you."

    The people around were disappointed when they heard Ning Xi's reply.

    Ning Xi's well-rounded answer made the reporters speechless, but they had to back down for now.

    She had promised to give them answers after the event anyway. They would never let this chance go.

    When they saw Ning Xi delay the issue, the ladies around Han Zixuan started mocking her. "She's still trying to act tough at this moment!"

    "I'd really like to see what she's going to say after the event ends!"

    "The proof is solid. She can't twist the truth that she destroyed a loving family and bullied a pregnant woman!"

    "Good evening, dear guests. The annual LA charity dinner is officially starting now. To kick off, we have our most anticipated auction."

    With the host's opening speech, the auction started swiftly.

    Usually, the atmosphere was lively in this section, but today everyone could only focus on one person.

    In the first row, Ning Xi concentrated on listening to the auctioneer's explanation. She chatted with her manager and raised her tag to bid from time to time.

    Her relaxed aura did not appear like she was just involved in such a big scandal or that she might be cut off from the industry after tonight.

    In the corner, Han Zixian took a glance at Ning Xi's direction and she frowned a little.

    "Could she have something else?"

    If not, why was she so calm about this?

    Zheng Anru scoffed, "Impossible! Ning Xueluo said the words herself, and there's even proof of it. If she really had a solution, she'd have used it by now. Why would she wait?

    "From my experience, her appearance today must be Xu Tao's last trump. He probably hasn't given up yet. Firstly, he wants to test the reaction of the media. Secondly, he wants to create a better image for her by getting her to attend a charity event! I know all about his cheap tricks!

    "How naive! He thought he's a manager that can turn the world around. It might work if it were some other scandal, but cheating, drugs, and politics are the three dead zones. There's no chance for her to turn around now! Don't worry about it, Zixuan!"

    Han Zixuan acted indifferently after that.

    She had nothing to worry about. If there was anything, she should worry about Ning Xueluo.

    Ning Xi was so cool probably because Su Yan had promised her something in private. Maybe, she could just go to Su Yan after her career was finished.

    Now that the whole matter was released to the public, her reputation was ruined and she could no longer work in the entertainment industry. Even if Su Yan was in love with her, would the Su family take her in?

    Moreover, there was still Ning Xueluo.

    Without even doing anything, the Su family and Ning Xueluo would never let her go!

    At this moment, Yin Youyou was sitting right beside Han Zixuan, and she totally agreed with Zheng Anru's words.

    "Sis Anru's right, Zixuan. Ning Xi's over this time!"

    And then... it will be your turn, Han Zixuan!

    She was really looking forward to seeing the fierce, bloody dogfight between Ning Xi and Han Zixuan.