Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2012

    Chapter 2012: Once On The Red Carpet

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    Han Zixuan had just entered the banquet hall when a huge group of artistes immediately surrounded her. Everyone was over-friendly and passionately making small talk with her.

    After all, everyone knew that once Ning Xi went down, the entertainment industry would be under Han Zixuan's rule again.

    "Zixuan, what you've done this time is so satisfying for everyone!"

    "I've long thought that Ning Xi wasn't a decent person, but I never would've thought that she'd be even more disgusting than we thought!"

    "If it wasn't for Zixuan coming out to uphold justice, we don't know how long would we have been deceived by her!"

    Han Zixuan was surrounded by everyone speaking all at once. Facing the crowd's praises, she said with an expression that feigned nobility, "Different people have different aspirations. In order to climb up the ladder, some people will do just anything. However, no matter what the others do, it has nothing to do with me. I have my own principles and my own bottom line."

    "Zixuan, how can someone like that be compared to you? She relies on such dirty tricks to rise up; even if she climbed up high, no one would respect her!"

    "The entertainment industry is ruined by such people!"

    At this moment, a small artiste glanced around and said excitedly, "Oh, I heard that for today's charity banquet, Ning Xi is on the invitation list too. Why haven't I seen her?"

    The others immediately sneered, "Such a scandal has already come out. How would she dare to appear? Isn't she afraid that she'd drown to death from everyone's saliva spitting at her?!"

    "She's definitely hiding at home and daren't meet anyone! Besides, today our Zixuan is here too. Wouldn't she hide far, far away?!"


    The crowd was ridiculing her back and forth, then suddenly there was a clamor from the entrance of the banquet hall.

    Everyone slowly looked towards the direction of the entrance. In the next second, a stunningsilhouette appeared under the flashing lights of the media.

    When the crowd surrounding Han Zixuan had a clearer look at the figure, they could not help but gasp.

    They saw Ning Xi standing alone on the red carpet in a black gown. Her flawless face attracted everyone present, and numerous cameras were fixed on her at this moment, greedily catching her alluring manner between her every little move.

    The pure black dress complimented her face which was beyond breathtakingakin to the dark night sky complimenting thousands of stars. It was dazzling.

    Beyond everyone's expectations, not only was Ning Xi not absent, she had even arrived punctually. She was not even in dire straits or as wan and sallow as they had imagined. Once she stepped onto the red carpet, she instantly wiped out all of the female artistes who were present.

    Han Zixuan looked at all the reporters shooting Ning Xi's pictures like crazy and saw that on the red carpet, Ning Xi appeared radiant as always. Her eyes were filled with intense jealousy.

    The female artistes around Han Zixuan only returned to their senses after a while. Apart from shock, all of their eyes were also filled with envy similar to Han Zixuan's.

    "Ning... that's actually Ning Xi!"

    "Oh my God! It really is her! She actually has the dignity to come! If it was me, I would just kill myself!"

    "Sluts are just that shameless! Is there anything she won't do?"

    As Han Zixuan listened to all the ridicule around her and when she thought about how Ning Xi would end up from then on, she calmed herself down again. She quietly watched Ning Xi enter and was immediately surrounded by a group of frenzied reporters.

    "Miss Ning Xi, regarding the expos about you online recently, is there anything you'd like to clarify?"

    "Miss Ning Xueluo said that you've been admiring Mr. Su, and hopelessly muddled with him. Is this true?"

    "The video of you and Mr. Su's late-night tryst, is that true? Did you really get in between Mr. Su and Miss Ning Xueluo's marriage?"