Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 201

Chapter 201: Goodnight, I Love You

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Seeing that Ning Xi had come, Lu Tingxiao looked relieved. "Are you done?"

"Well, Ive almost memorized the whole thing." Ning Xi nodded, carried Little Bun to the bed, and tucked him in.

Little Bun immediately stretched his hands to pick up the colorful fairy tale book which he had rejected, gesturing for her to read it.

"Continuing from where we stopped last night?" asked Ning Xi.

Little Buns little hands gripped the edge of the quilt and he nodded sweetly.

"Well then, today lets read " Ning Xi cleared her throat and began to recite the story, "On the hot summer day, the bird cried in the tree: Hot, hot! The beautiful little white rabbit wearing a beautiful floral dress hummed a song while skipping over a bridge. It was on its way to pick mushrooms"

While Ning Xi read the story, Lu Tingxiao sat in a chair next to her, tilting his forehead and listening quietly to her soft, sweet voice.

He seemed to understand why his son insisted on listening to such childish stories every night before bed.

What mattered was not the story, but who was reading it.

After less than five minutes of listening, Little Bun became sleepy-eyed, and Ning Xi patted his back. Very soon, the little boy was sleeping soundly.

"Sorry to trouble you," said Lu Tingxiao, thanking her.

"No trouble," replied Ning Xi with an expression of mixed emotions. "Lu Tingxiao, did you know? Actually, I used to really hate children!"


Ning Xi nodded, but did not tell him the real reason. "I just thought kids were very annoying. I wanted to hide every time I saw one I never thought that I would come to like Little Bun as much as I do. Its hard for me to express it, but I always feel some kind of special connection between us. Its probably fate, like in the stories!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at her deeply. "There are no impossibilities in this world, only what you have yet to experience."

Ning Xi was slightly stunned and vaguely replied, "Probably. It's late, I'm going to have a bath. Boss, you should also sleep early!"

"Alright." Lu Tingxiao nodded and suddenly leaned towards her.

Ning Xi was startled and reared back subconsciously. Lu Tingxiao came so close that he was nearly cheek to cheek with her, but he just moved past her, kissed Little Bun behind her, and quietly said, "Goodnight."

Later that night, while Ning Xi was half asleep, she felt like she had a dream. She dreamed that Lu Tingxiao was sitting on the edge of her bed, kissing her lips, and saying, "Goodnight, I love you"

Well, another strange dream

Why did it feel so real even though it was just a dream...

Meanwhile, at the Regal Riviera Hotel.

It was already late, but the lights were still bright in Ning Xueluos apartment and the atmosphere was extremely oppressive.

Chang Li and Cui Caijing sat in a corner of the sofa, neither daring to make a sound.

Since it had come to this, was she going to blame them again?

Who could have expected Ning Xi to sign on with Glory World Entertainment right after being driven out of Starlight?

It would have been easy to deal with her if it were any other company. Those other companies would not have been able to promote the artiste who had been blacklisted by Starlight.

But this was Glory World!

In front of Glory World, Starlight Entertainments ban was just a piece of worthless paper.

Chang Li wanted to comfort Ning Xueluo, to tell her that Ning Xi was so infamous, even Glory World wouldnt be able to do anything.

However, she really didnt have the confidence to say anything.

After all, this time, even Lu Tingxiao had come out