Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1998

    Chapter 1998: Ning Xis Exclusive

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    When the familiar voice rang out, not only did the bodyguards froze in their movements, the assistants, Yin Youyou, Director Chen, and the other staff all looked towards the entrance.

    They then saw Ning Xi in an evening gown. She seemed to have just come over from an event.

    The arrogant sharp-chinned assistant had fear flitting across her face. "I meant Qin Shuang, not you, Ms. Ning!"

    "What's wrong?" Ning Xi did not look at the assistant, but glanced at Qin Shuang and asked.

    Qin Shuang explained, "It's nothing, Bro Xi. We just went into the wrong room, so they want us to leave."

    The assistant felt righteous and interrupted. "Went into the wrong room? The two of them are here to take the dressing room by force! Why don't you look in the mirror and see how you look like?! You've just been popular for several days and you've already forgotten your place!"

    Ning Xi did not have any expression when she heard the assistant. Instead, she walked slowly towards Yin Youyou's direction.

    Yin Youyou unconsciously stood up as Ning Xi appeared.

    Ning Xi stretched her hand,then she dragged the chair behind Yin Youyou out and sat down, her long legs crossed beneath the high-slit skirt. She put her arms on the back of the chair and tilted her head as she scanned everyone in the room. She said slowly, "I want this dressing room."

    Yin Youyou's expression darkened and she stared at Ning Xi coldly.

    The assistant was anxious. "But, Ms. Ning, this is Youyou's dressing room!"

    Ning Xi raised her eyebrow. "Oh? Her dressing room? Is her name on it?"

    The assistant did not expect Ning Xi to say the same thing as Xu Tao, and she looked troubled.

    She could scold Xu Tao however much she liked, but she dared not use the same attitude towards Ning Xi. In defense, she took on the victim's role. "This is really Youyou's dressing room. You can ask Director Chen if you don't believe me."

    "Sure, I'll do that." Ning Xi then turned towards Director Chen and asked, "Director Chen, I'd like to know... whose dressing room is this?"

    Director Chen wiped the sweat off his forehead. After a short silence, he replied, "This... This, of course, is Ms. Ning Xi's exclusive dressing room. It's yours!"

    He then signaled the female assistant beside her.


    The assistant could not believe it. Just as she was about to retort something, she noticed that the female assistant beside Director Chen had gone out.

    She came back soon, and she had a white placard with her.

    Several big words were written on it: Ning Xi's Exclusive Dressing Room!

    "Did you see that?" Ning Xi's expression did not change at all except for her eyes that were turning colder and colder.

    "You... you guys" The assistant looked at this scene in front of her and the director's attitude. Apparently, she was frustrated.

    Yin Youyou was so angry that her body started trembling. She almost died on the spot out of fury.