Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1992

    Chapter 1992: Have Supper Before You Go?

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    Han Xiao yawned, then he snapped his fingers loudly towards a room. The white tiger swayed out from the room and strolled to Han Xiao's side.

    "We're leaving." Han Xiao walked out as he waved to the three of them.

    Ning Xi was suddenly stunned. "Ah! Master, are you leaving?"

    "Didn't you say that if no other assassin dares to come, I can leave?" Han Xiao said with an expression that seemed to say, "Are you trying to trick me again?"

    Tang Lang nodded repeatedly on the side. "Grandfather is right. Xiao Zhan is already the ultimate!"

    Even Xiao Zhan had died here. Unless someone was crazy, no one would take on the mission to throw away their lives.

    Suddenly having to part after being together for the past few days, Ning Xi felt quite sad and at a loss. "It's already so late... How about having supper before you go, Master?"

    Han Xiao did not hesitate to turn around and say, "Okay!"

    Ning Xi was speechless.

    Ning Xi's parting sorrow had instantly vanished.


    Late at night.

    "Darling, would your end have any problems?" Ning Xi laid in bed, unable to sleep.

    "Are you not confident in me?" The man's low and raspy voice rang above her head.

    Ning Xi pounced on him with a kiss. "Of course I'm confident!"

    Lu Tingxiao kissed the top of the girl's head. "You focus on doing your thing well. Take care of your health."

    What remained was his battle...


    After Han Xiao left, no one other assassin came to Deer Town. Everything returned to calm as if nothing had happened.

    However, several days after that, an additional pure white tiger cub that was extremely cute had appeared in Deer Town.

    As for the outside world...

    When the other party knew that this move of sending assassins did not work, in a short amount of time, the entire Asian economy and underground powers started to see ups and downs. Lu Tingxiao became incredibly busy while Ning Xi's career returned to its pinnacle, back to her heydays!


    "YLD — turn back time, fixate on the most beautiful version of you!"

    On the screen of Imperial's Central Plaza where there was the busiest human traffic, Ning Xi lay in the midst of flowers akin to the Garden of Eden. Each inch of her skin that was not covered in cosmetics appeared delicate.

    The dreamy scene made all the passersby pause in their steps.

    "Whoa! Ning Xi's skin is just amazing! I heard that when she shot this commercial, she didn't put on any makeup at all!"

    "I've seen Ning Xi up close in real life. She's definitely even more amazing than how the commercials show it! The word 'turn back time' is really fitting!"

    "They actually got Ning Xi to be their spokesperson. I feel like YLD is becoming classier and classier!"

    "Previously, I've always used the SS brand, but when I get my salary, I'll go buy a set of YLD to try!"


    At YLD's company building.

    "You've done well this time." In the video conference, the American CEO was in a jovial mood and had complimented her.

    This time, YLD's product did not only surpass SS in the Chinese market; even America's sales had followed suit and had increased quite significantly.

    Parker reviewed the latest season's sales figure and heard his boss's praise. Naturally, he was as pleased as punch.

    After being suppressed by SS for so many years, they had finally avenged their past shame!

    At the start, when they switched Liu Xiaorou out and had chosen Ning Xi instead, the decision was wise!

    Who would have thought that Ning Xi's momentum would be so quick and strong after her comeback? She had surpressed Han Zixuan to the point that they could not retaliate, instantly pulling up YLD's class.

    To sign on an artiste in their rising phase was much more profitable than just signing on an artiste that was currently famous.

    After Parker finished his video conference meeting with the upper management, he instantly called Xu Tao to make friendly contact, at the same inviting Ning Xi to join YLD's fashion banquet.