Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 199

    Chapter 199: Dont Just Care About You

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    "Wha what" Ning Xi was dazed. "How come even I dont know about this?"

    "You were drunk that night, it was when the production crew had dinner to welcome me," Jiang Muye reminded her.

    Ning Xi finally remembered

    It was the night that she had walked into the wrong room, and Zhu Xiangcheng had tried to take advantage of her.

    Later, Lu Tingxiao had personally walked her back to the production crews room, and told her to wait for him after she was done, and they would go back together.

    Much later, she had been so drunk when she saw Lu Ting Xiao, that she had no memory of what happened after that. At that time, Jiang Muye was next to her, so that was most likely when he and Lu Tingxiao had talked

    Noticing that Ning Xi hadnt said anything for a while, Jiang Muye, who hadnt been very hopeful to begin with, became even more downhearted. "You still dont believe me, is that it? I know these are not really conclusive as proof. You can take the screenshot as Lu Tingxiao just placating his parents. And with the audio, I didnt even record the most crucial thing. You only have my word for it"

    After quite a long time, there was a sigh on the other end of the line. "Jiang Muye, whether I believe it or not, it doesn't affect my decision to sign with Glory World. Even if he really had feelings for me, he would make a clear distinction between work and personal matters, and he wouldn't use his position against me. More than that, he would never force me."

    When Ning Xi said this, Jiang Muye knew it was over.

    He had never thought that Ning Xi would trust Lu Tingxiao to this extent, even though they had only known each other for a few months

    Ning Xi continued, "Thank you, I know youre worried about me. Theres going to be a press conference tomorrow, and I need to concentrate on preparing for the final battle. When this is over, well talk more!"

    When this is over, youll be in Lu Tingxiaos trap and wont be able to escape anymore!

    No, she was already in his trap right now

    So what if he knew? He couldn't do anything.

    And I don't just care about you

    What right did he have to despise Lu Tingxiaos methods, when what he was doing was no more honorable

    A deep sense of powerlessness came over Jiang Muye. "Alright, youre busy, Ill see you later."

    "Mm, bye."

    Ning Xi hung up the phone. Suddenly, it felt like her body had been completely drained of strength. She threw herself feebly onto the bed, her expression blank as she stared unseeingly at the ceiling above her.

    She was still recovering from Jiang Muyes remark, "He kissed you in front of me".

    It was probably because an actor had a better sense for framing scenes and picturing narratives, she could almost completely reconstruct the scenario of that time in her mind.

    Her heart beat faster and faster

    Ning Xi picked up her phone and quickly sent a WeChat message to Lu Tingxiao.

    [Boss, I want to go through and memorize the plan for the press conference, so no need to call me for dinner tonight. Its enough for me to have some fruit. I ate too much meat last night, so just nice, I should lose weight ^_^]

    She tried hard to make it sound like nothing was wrong.

    With this, he shouldnt be able to tell, right?

    Even though the thing she was best at was pretending, she had no confidence in front of Lu Tingxiao.

    Downstairs in the living room, Lu Tingxiao looked at the WeChat message that Ning Xi had just sent him. He lifted his eyes slightly, and looked in the direction of Ning Xis room with an indecipherable expression on his face.

    Lu Jingli quickly flew closer to sneak a peek, then showed a disappointed expression. "Damn it, sister-in-laws not cooking tonight? I looked forward to it for nothing sad"

    After saying this, something occurred to him, and he put his arm around his brother's shoulder, and said meaningfully, "Is Jiang Muye that kid feeling cornered? Were we too terrible in what we did this time?"