Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1986

    Chapter 1986: First Senior Brother Was Cheated On

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    There were a few times that Han Xiao had wanted to leave. However, he had been held back each time by Ning Xi's timely temptation of delicious food.

    As for Ning Xi, this Master could be settled with just a few delicious meals. If she found it troublesome, she could order a few sets of luxurious family buckets, and even save the hassle of cooking.


    "Little baby, darling!"

    The second day, Ning Xi waved a piece of raw imported beef to tease the white tiger in the living room.

    The tiger instantly stood up, seeming like it was in great spirits as it wagged its huge, snow-white tail and walked towards Ning Xi.

    "Hold claw-claw!" Ning Xi enticed.

    The tiger tilted its head to one side and stared adorably at Ning Xi.

    "Not bad!"

    Ning Xi was about to feed the tiger when suddenly, Han Xiao appeared and snatched away the few bags of imported beef beside Ning Xi.

    "Master... This is the tiger's food... It's still raw!" Ning Xi did not know whether to laugh or cry.


    Han Xiao tossed the beef to Tang Lang who was not far away.

    "Okay, Grandfather, please wait!"

    Tang Lang eagerly ran to the kitchen and swiftly pan fried the beef until it was medium well.

    "What the heck?! You two..."

    Ning Xi looked at Han Xiao, then at Tang Lang.

    These two people were colluding!

    Especially Tang Lang! Bloody hell, he had actually cooked for Han Xiao... Cooked!

    Suddenly, she felt like her First Senior Brother was being cheated on...

    "This tastes horrible."

    Han Xiao took a bite and instantly lost interest.

    At this moment, the tiger walked up to Han Xiao, his gaze fixated on the beef in Han Xiao's hand.

    When he saw this, Han Xiao just tossed the beef to the ground.

    The white tiger shook its snowy white tail and swallowed the beef in a gulp.

    Unfortunately, it only took about two breaths when the beef was spat out by the tiger again.

    "It's not that bad, is it?" Tang Lang undid his apron and looked awkward.

    Ning Xi was speechless.


    At the same time, in Deer Town.

    An European elderly man with a walking stick looked at the middle-aged black man behind him and said calmly, "Yorick, is it going well?"

    The black man was expressionless. "Just some useless people. It looks like the defenses around this place is rather mediocre."

    "Don't be too careless either. Since the higher-ups will get us to make the move, I'm afraid it's not that simple," said the European elder.

    These two were the top assassins in the "Original Sin" assassin rankings.

    "The people that Qiao Yi sent out were useless." The black man who was called Yorick used a paper to wipe away the blood stains on his hand.

    "If the European King's forces didn't want to dominate Asia, how could they have been interested in Qiao Yi as the controller? He can't even handle this little thing and need us to take action. What a joke!" Yorick squatted down and wiped away the dust on his leather shoes.

    "It's best to be more careful. Being a mission from the higher-ups, we cannot fail."

    The European elder smiled slightly and walked towards the direction of the garden house.


    About half an hour later, Yorick pulled out a submachine gun in front of the house.

    "Yorick, don't be so crude. We're here to visit," said the elder.

    Yorick shrugged and put his gunt away.

    "Is there anyone there?"

    The European elder knocked very politely.

    Very soon, Ning Xi opened the door.

    As she stared at this kind elder, Ning Xi was puzzled.

    "Hello, please forgive us for boldly disturbing you." The European elder looked at Ning Xi and smiled faintly.

    "And you are?" Ning Xi asked.

    "What's going on?"

    Tang Lang held half a watermelon and walked up to the door too.

    "Hello, may we know if this lady is Miss Ning Xi?" The European elder smiled and asked.

    "I am Ning Xi."

    "Hello, Miss Ning Xi," the European elder continued, "Do you have any last words?"

    Then, the European elder took out a surgical blade as the peaceful smile on his face turned wider.