Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1984

    Chapter 1984: Instant Kill

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    "I lost…" Tang Lang sighed, humans can never win against monsters!

    "That was no fun, again," Han Xiao wanted another round.

    Tang Lang knelt down on the floor and said, "No more please, grandfather!"

    Han Xiao seemed to have lost interest as well, he glanced over at Ning Xi, "You want to have a go?"

    Ning Xi shook her head violently, "Just like you said Master, I'm just like a little chick, please ignore me!"

    "Alright," Han Xiao sat back on the sofa, he turned on the television and started watching cartoon.

    Yes, cartoon…

    When Lu Tingxiao came back home from work, he was surprised to see Han Xiao.

    Ning Xi grabbed Lu Tingxiao aside and told him about how she made Han Xiao come over.

    Lu Tingxiao laughed afterwards.

    As he looked at the seemingly indifferent man, his judgment on him was not wrong after all.

    Han Xiao probably predicted something might happen, he left the white tiger here on purpose.


    There were some movements outside the house.

    The living room was dark, Tang Lang watched a whole day of cartoon with Han Xiao, the both of them enjoyed it.

    "Grandfather, someone's here." Suddenly, Tang Lang looked outside, aloof.

    He had no problem calling Han Xiao his grandfather at all.

    "Go and get the door then," Han Xiao said.


    Tang Lang got up and opened the door.


    Tang Lang smiled at the few men in Western clothing with guns in their hands.

    The several assassins were dumbfounded.

    The leader of the assassins frowned and fired a shot in the direction of Tang Lang.

    With Tang Lang's quick reaction, he already shifted away the moment the man raised his arm, avoiding the shots.

    "Grandfather, someone's being disrespectful here!" Tang Lang yelled to Han Xiao. When he looked at the sofa, Han Xiao had already disappeared.

    "Damn, what kind of speed is that?"

    Tang Lang shivered as he stared at Han Xiao before the door.

    "Can this thing really kill people?" Han Xiao stood before the men and looked into the dark gun muzzle.

    "Die!" The man looked at him with cold eyes before he pulled the trigger as he aimed at Han Xiao.


    A loud noise echoed throughout the house.


    The assassins looked at each other. The lazy-looking man had just used a finger and made the gun point in another direction.

    Not only did the man fail to kill Han Xiao, he even killed a companion of his.

    "This is why little kids shouldn't play with guns. Look now, an accident's happened." Han Xiao shook his head.

    The others pulled out their guns simultaneously.

    "Let me take a look." Han Xiao grabbed a gun from one of them.


    Han Xiao fired several shots consecutively.

    Each of the shots landed on the thighs of the assassins.

    Screams echoed amidst the dark night.

    "Sorry... I aimed at the wrong place. Let me do it again."

    Han Xiao raised the gun and pulled the trigger as he aimed at their heads.




    The assassins were all killed on the spot after the bullets went through their brains.

    "I got it right this time." Han Xiao looked at the corpses on the ground, then he threw away the gun.

    "They're annoying. Clean them up."

    Han Xiao went back to the sofa, opened a bag of chips and continued watching cartoons.

    "Alright, Grandfather."

    Tang Lang dragged the bodies outside.