Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1980

    Chapter 1980: Guaranteed Financial Support For The Rest of Its Life

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    As this was the second time receiving the Master's call, Ning Xi was already less shocked. She just raised her brows ever so slightly and thought to herself, "He would not be asking her to go settle his bills again, would he?"

    "Little girl!"

    "Master, which KFC are you at? I'll go settle the bill right way," said Ning Xi very cleverly.

    "No need to settle any bills," said Han Xiao on the other end of the phone.

    Could her luck be so fortunate this time around?

    Ning Xi was shocked. "Then, why are you looking for me?"

    "Take my tiger away," said Han Xiao.

    "Uhh... Huh? What are you saying?"

    "This guy eats up half a year of my food expenses in a day. These few days, when I eat KFC, I can't even afford the family bucket. I can only get a drumstick. I can't even have milk tea," Han Xiao sighed. He was filled with complaints.

    Imperial was not a forest. To raise a tiger was indeed difficult, especially for someone like Han Xiao, who could barely even feed himself. Forget about feeding the tiger well.

    She realized that even though the Master was amazing, his capabilities of maintaining a livelihood and taking care of himself was practically negative. She really did not know how he had stayed alive until now.

    Ning Xi said, "So, what're you saying?"

    "Help me take care of it for a few days!" Han Xiao said with no trace of courtesy.

    Ning Xi was speechless and did not want to say anything at this point.

    The first time, he made her settle his bills. The second time, he just let her be his financial support, and it was to financially support a tiger with a huge appetite!

    Thankfully, this request was exactly what Ning Xi wanted!

    Oh! Her cute tiger!

    "No problem. Just send it over! I'm in that little town I was in the last time!"

    Not too long after she hung up, Han Xiao sent the tiger to Deer Town.

    Thankfully, Deer Town was remote and was considered an undeveloped area, plus it was already night time. Otherwise, the appearance of this tiger would surely cause panic.

    When she saw the white tiger beside Han Xiao, Ning Xi's eyes immediately shone. "Master, what does it usually eat?"

    "Just feed it whatever!" Han Xiao yawned lazily, then he just waved and left.

    Ning Xi's mouth twitched. She sighed and stroked the white tiger's head. "Your master is too unreliable. Next time, you should just roll with me! I guarantee I'll feed you well!"


    Ning Xi was speaking with the tiger when suddenly, there was a soft bump on her leg. A delicate little rice ball had run up to her.

    "Oh! Baby Little Treasure! I miss you so much! Quickly let Mommy kiss and hug you!"

    Little Treasure stuck to Ning Xi's embrace and was delighted. At this moment, when he saw the white tiger beside Ning Xi from the corner of his eye, his eyes widened. "Mommy! Careful!"

    Then, the little guy quickly squeezed his way in between Ning Xi and the white tiger, making a blocking gesture. He glared at the tiger opposite him like a little tiger cub himself.

    Ning Xi was so moved that she rubbed the little guy's head. "Little Treasure, don't worry. This is Mommy's friend, he won't hurt people."

    "Mommy's friend?"


    When he heard Ning Xi say that, Little Treasure was relieved.

    After he was no longer vigilant, he started to observe the huge white tiger curiously.

    "Let's go inside and play. Don't frighten the neighbors."


    Thus, Ning Xi led the little bun and the white tiger into the house.

    When Lu Tingxiao heard the sound of the front door, he knew that Ning Xi had returned. He subconsciously looked over at the entrance.

    When he saw the familiar white tiger by Ning Xi's side, Lu Tingxiao was slightly taken aback. "Han Xiao came by?"

    Ning Xi shrugged. "No, that guy said that he can't afford to raise it. He's asking me to help him take care of it for a few days! This master is unreliable!"