Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1975

    Chapter 1975: Be Closer To Her

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    At this moment, there was a knock at the door.

    When he saw who it was, Wang Haojun immediately got up. "CEO Su, why have you come?"

    After Su Yan had transferred all his shares to Ning Xueluo, he rarely asked about things on this end.

    Could Ning Xueluo have asked him to come?

    It must be!

    What if they borrowed some of the Su family's power?

    There was a glimmer of hope that suddenly flashed in Wang Haojun's eyes. "CEO Su, this time, the subordinates handled things poorly and they lost such an important collaboration. I have to bear the blame! But the priority right now is to quickly think of a way to make it up. I wonder if you have any brilliant plans, CEO Su?"

    Su Yan looked at the newspapers on Wang Haojun's work desk.

    Splashed across the front pages were pictures of Ning Xi sitting in the seat of the female lead of "Assassin" as she was being interviewed. The headlines read: "China's Pride In Hollywood: Ning Xi".

    Su Yan looked at that picture, a blunt aching in his gaze, suddenly appearing.

    His girl...

    He should have gone to look for her to give her a reply.

    However, now, he could only break his promise to her once again and sorrily evade her.

    "CEO Su... CEO Su?"

    Su Yan retrieved his gaze from the newspaper. "The artistes under us are not as skilled as the others. How do we make up for that?"

    Wang Haojun was stunned when he heard him. "Um, in any case, Han Zixuan is now Starlight's top female artiste. She's their front face. This time, we've been toppled by Ning Xi like this. It really doesn't look good on us!"

    "Natural selection. If she can't change, let her capabilities do the talking."

    Wang Haojun was stumped by Su Yan that he was rendered speechless.

    However, even though Su Yan's words were unpleasant, he actually made sense.

    The roles had already been decided. What was done could not be undone. This could not be changed.

    Now that Han Zixuan was being pushed down like this, Starlight could not just put all their resources into one basket.

    "I understand what you mean, CEO Su," said Wang Haojun.

    "Mmm, Xueluo hasn't been feeling too well recently. If there's anything, just contact me directly," said Su Yan with a hint of bitterness in his eyes.

    He could only use this way to get closer to her now.

    "Okay, I got it." Wang Haojun nodded.

    Now that Su Yan had replaced Ning Xueluo in managing Starlight, even though he could not reverse the current state of things, he could only console himself that whatever it was, he had extra support behind the scenes.

    Su Yan had just left not too long ago when Zheng Anru rushed into Wang Haojun's office like she was on fire.

    "CEO Wang! You must demand justice for our Zixuan! Zixuan's so angry that she's in the hospital right now! We don't know what sly tricks that slut Ning Xi used. How did she get the leading role from thin air? This was clearly a result of her dirty tricks! How can our Zixuan be a supporting role to someone like that? Isn't that..."

    Wang Haojun irritatedly interrupted Zheng Anru's rant, "Enough, don't blame everything on someone else. I've put all of our resources on her. How else can I demand justice for her? She's the female lead for a movie that Jace is personally producing. Do you think it can be done with just dirty tricks?"

    Even if the Lu Corporation had pulled any strings, the actor themselves would still need to have sufficient capabilities to persuade the filming crew, even Jace himself. This was even harder to achieve than just pulling strings!

    After all, Jace definitely would not ruin his own reputation.

    If Wang Haojun was only slightly regretful before, at this moment he was so immensely regretful that he started to doubt his life.

    If Ning Xi had continued to stay on in Starlight, this miracle, this huge honor would have all been Starlight's, while his name would forever remain in the history of the entertainment industry.