Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1974

Chapter 1974: China's Pride In Hollywood

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Ning Xi had become the leading female assassin, and then recommended Jiang Muye, making him clinch the classic role of Carl in "Assassin".

Look at Han Zixuan again. How hard had she prepared for such a long time, yet she had only gotten a minor role?

Jiang Muye did not even attend an audition. Just because of Ning Xi's word, he had gotten the contract to play Carl!

What was going on right now?

King Weir only knew Ning Xi and had called himself Ning Xi's fan. When Han Zixuan was mentioned, he looked confused and had not given her face at all. He straight up said that he did not know her.

Ning Xi sat in the seat of the female lead and was interviewed by various members of the Chinese media.

After Han Zixuan received the minor role in "Assassin", Starlight Entertainment had been promoting it all over, so the title of Chinese pride was everywhere.

On the other hand, Ning Xi had not promoted anything at all. She just waited for "Assassin" to begin shooting in China before she walked right up to the sit of the female lead.

Han Zixuan did not even qualify to go on stage right now. She could stand off-stage and look up at Ning Xi...

What was disparity?

No need to make it explicit. This was the disparity.

Without comparison, there would be no damage!


"Mr. Jiang Muye, can you share what you understand about Carl's role?" A reporter asked.

"Sure." Jiang Muye nodded. He pondered for a moment before answering, "Carl and the female lead, Anna, are from the same organization. The two of them always execute assassination missions. On one of the missions, Carl disguises as a woman..."

"Then, Mr. Jiang Muye, what are your thoughts about disguising as a woman? Can you personally accept such a large role?" The reporter immediately asked again.

Obviously, the other reporters were also very curious and hungry for gossip about this question.

Jiang Muye wished he could slap the reporter dead, yet he just replied, "I'm a loyal fan of 'Assassin'. I like the role of Carl very much too. To be able to play Carl is my utmost honor. As for disguising as a female, it's also a need of the storyline.

"As a professional actor, I should be trying a diversity of roles, and constantly challenging myself. The point is I will play this role diligently."

Jiang Muye looked at all of the flashes down below and felt a huge headache.

If it were just a normal Hollywood movie, he definitely would not have hesitated and would have rejected such characters that needed him to disguise as a woman.

However, as a loyal fan of "Assassin", it was hard for him to resist the temptation of remaking a classic, so he just braced himself.

The questions from the Chinese entertainment media continued. Most of them surrounded Ning Xi, King Weir and the rest.

Minor roles such as Han Zixuan's had been completely ignored by the members of the media.

A certain reporter looked at Ning Xi and exclaimed, "Ms. Ning Xi, you're really China's pride in Hollywood, the glory of China!"

This time, after the press conference ended, Ning Xi was immediately crowned the title of "China's Pride" in Hollywood that Han Zixuan had been previously bragging about.


At Starlight Entertainment.

Wang Haojun slumped onto the wide real leather seat, his expression defeated.

"How could this be?"

Initially, his worst expectation had been that Lu Jingli would use the Lu Corporation's relationship to help Ning Xi steal the role.

Even if this was the result, he could still turn the tables when it happened by saying that Ning Xi's team had used tricks to steal Han Zixuan's role and by using the public's opinion to attack her.

Who would have thought that Han Zixuan's role would not be stolen? Instead, Ning Xi had gotten the female lead role directly. Even Jiang Muye had joined the cast as an important character.

This was already a hopeless situation!

With this victory Glory World Entertainment finally made their comeback. From this day onwards, he did not dare imagine how Starlight Entertainment would be like...