Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1971

    Chapter 1971: Stunned

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    "Thank you!" Ning Xi nodded and sat on the female lead's assigned seat under everyone's stunned gazes.

    Han Zixuan, Zheng Anru, several other assistants, and every reporter at the scene were totally floored.

    Zheng Anru's mocking smile froze on her face as if she was petrified.

    Ning Xi had actually walked up and sat down in the seat for the female lead of "Assassin"!

    Lilian was glancing at Ning Xi from time to time. She could not understand what the producer was thinking!

    For a Hollywood movie, especially a remake of a classic movie like "Assassin", why would they use a Chinese female star?

    However, even Director Simon was wary as he reminded Lilian with an unusual tone not to cause any trouble.

    While she was displeased, she did not do anything about it.

    Of course, if they did not reach the expected box office numbers when the movie was released, they could just blame everything on the female lead.

    At this moment, all the members of the media were so shocked that they forgot about asking questions.

    A Hollywood movie had decided to use a Chinese actress as the female lead, and it was Ning Xi of all people…

    Every camera was aimed at Ning Xi.

    "Hello, Ms. Ning Xi, are you taking up the role of the female lead, Anna?" A reporter asked.

    "Yes," Ning Xi nodded and replied.

    Some people were still in doubt, but as soon as Ning Xi admitted it, she caused a huge ruckus in the venue.

    Zhen Anru, Han Zixuan, and the few assistants were looking at Ning Xi as their minds went blank.

    "Ning Xi is... the female lead? Im-impossible…"

    One of the assistants lost the shine in her eyes.

    "No way!"

    Zheng Anru came back to her senses and there was a big shift in her expression.

    It was already a rare chance for a top star in China to play a minor role in the movie "Assassin". Now, to become the female lead…

    Was this some kind of international joke?

    "Zheng Anru, resting down here with your minor character? Don't you want to have a seat up there?" Xu Tao went up to her and smiled.

    Zheng Anru clenched her fists tightly as her expression darkened. She could never have anticipated this.

    Ning Xi as the female lead of a huge Hollywood movie? What kind of concept was this?!

    Xu Tao grinned cheekily. Ning Xi would become an international star after her appearance in the "Assassin" as the female lead!

    From then on, who else in the Chinese entertainment industry could compare to Ning Xi?

    Han Zixuan? She was no different from trash!

    Except if Han Zixuan could outperform herself in "Assassin".

    But as a mere minor character, was it possible?

    "Don't you get so cocky, Xu Tao!" Zheng Anru burst with rage as she saw Xu Tao's cheeky smile.

    She thought that Han Zixuan's position in the entertainment industry would be enhanced after they announced her involvement in the movie, but God knows what happened to the production team of "Assassin" to make them decide on the female lead to be Ning Xi!

    "So what if I'm being cocky? Bite me! I'm worried that you teeth might fall off though!" Xu Tao chuckled.

    Xu Tao was really enjoying himself when he saw Zheng Anru's frustrated expression.

    "What are you being so happy about?" Zheng Anru pointed her finger at Xu Tao furiously. "Who knows if your outdated artiste will get changed halfway through. Even if she doesn't, I'll see how you're going to deal with it if the movie doesn't reach the expected box office figures!" Zheng Anru's voice trembled.