Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 197

    Chapter 197: The One Who Has Been Swayed by Sex Is You

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    Furthermore, online public opinion had been instantly and magically reversed:

    [God! What did I see! I need to go to the washroom and eat three catties 1 of shit to calm down!]

    [If it was just one, the account could have been hacked, but how can it be false if even Lu Tingxiao forwarded it? Glory World Entertainment really signed Ning Xi! And even Lu Tingxiao has made a move! What is the world coming to!]

    [Since Lu Tingxiao forwarded it, it means that he must know the truth, and even agrees with Glory Worlds decision. Lu Jinglis head might have been turned by sex, but there is no way Lu Tingxiao would be! So, something smells fishy!]

    [Yes, something is definitely fishy! Glory World might be about to do something big! Wait quietly for the reversal!]

    [I wont say anything, Ill wait quietly for the reversal! I firmly support my male god!]

    [Im waiting for the truth! Trust my husband!]

    In short, after Lu Tingxiao forwarded the post, public opinion, which had been one-sided before, had pulled back, and the netizens were starting to adopt a neutral stance, and finally beginning to come back to their senses.

    As Ning Xi browsed Weibo, this progression of events made her gasp in amazement.

    As expected, when the Big Demon King made a move, it was an exceptional one!

    It was mainly because Lu Tingxiaos image was too perfect. Since taking over Lu Corporation, he had never made any wrong decisions. In the economic crisis five years ago, numerous companies declared bankruptcy, but the Lu Group not only remained standing, it even bucked the trend to climb to the top. He was basically like an oracle, and there was no one who wouldnt believe his words

    In the meantime, in the living room downstairs at the Lu residence.

    Lu Jingli was holding his cellphone as he rolled around screaming on the sofa. "F***! The shit these bastards are spouting! What my head can be turned by sex, but you absolutely wont! This injustice is just too much! The one who has been swayed by sex is you! Its you, you, you! Ow, this is Snow In Midsummer! Ive been wronged I've been wronged more than Dou E 2 "

    As he was howling, Ning Xi came back.

    "Second Young Master, I could hear you howling from far away, what are you going on about?"

    "Nothing!" Lu Jingli instantly sat up. Even if he had been wronged, he couldnt say it.

    Lu Tingxiao, who hadnt spared Lu Jingli even a single glance as he rolled around hundreds of times, immediately raised his head from the book he was reading. "Youre back. Have you seen Ling Zhizhi?"

    Ning Xi nodded enthusiastically. "Yes. Sister Ling is very nice, and completely the type I like. I feel safe when I see her cold and unhappy face!"

    Lu Tingxiao: ""

    It sounded like everything went well, but why, when he heard it, did it make him feel insecure?

    With these words, Ning Xi immediately stared at Lu Jingli. "Second Young Master, youre also too impatient. Why did you announce that I signed with Glory World now?"

    Lu Jingli gave her a sagacious look. "Of course it was to increase your popularity! Look at how famous you are now, everyone is talking about you!"

    Ning Xi snorted and looked askance at him. "If it wasnt for Lu Tingxiao coming to the rescue, we would both have been cursed out for being an adulterous couple, okay?"

    When Lu Jingli heard this, he finally felt a little guilty, and quietly muttered, "If they want to scold, let them. The truth will come out tomorrow anyway!"

    He had expected that the netizens would be angry, but hadnt thought that their abuse would be so ugly, even thinking in that direction

    Just now, his brothers face had turned green after reading those comments

    "Now you can post on Weibo announcing the press conference tomorrow," Lu Tingxiao reminded him.

    "Oh, oh, right, Ill do it now!"

    After Ning Xi posted on her Weibo account, Lu Jingli forwarded it, and not long after, so did Ling Zhizhi.

    At this moment, the screen of her cellphone flashed with an incoming call. The caller ID Jiang Muye.

    1. One catty is equivalent to roughly 600 grams.
    2. Dou E is a character in the popular Chinese play Snow In Midsummer, who was wrongfully accused and then executed for a crime she did not commit.