Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1961

    Chapter 1961: Super Cool!

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    However, Lu Jingli never expected that his first meeting with Han Xiao would be like this.

    He rode in on a white tiger!

    If only he was not unconscious, that would be super cool!

    "What happened?" Lu Tingxiao frowned.

    He had heard about Han Xiao from Ning Xi countless times and had even taken Ning Xi and Little Treasure from him after he saved them.

    "Impossible! The master is injured?" Ning XI could not believe it.

    Even if people around her did not know about his abilities, she understood them very well.

    The maniac who could not even be harmed by bullets was now unconscious on a white tiger's back?!

    "Let him in now!" Ning Xi was worried.

    No matter what Han Xiao thought of her, he was not just her buddy. He was her life savior.

    If it was not for Han Xiao, Little Treasure and she could have been dead already.

    "N-No way!" Lu Jingli stopped Ning Xi in shock. "Sister-in-law, how are you getting him inside? He's on the tiger's back!"

    Han Xiao was on the tiger's back, so what could she do?

    Tell the white tiger to be good and let him down?

    Let the white tiger come in and feed it?

    Ning Xi's mind went blank after Lu Jingli reminded her of her dilemma. She was wondering how Han Xiao had suffered those injuries, and how he got on a white tiger's back.

    "It's alright. Open the door," said Lu Tingxiao.

    "Bro, are you sure?" Lu Jingli felt like Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao were going crazy.

    "This white tiger won't hurt us," said Lu Tingxiao.

    Before Ning Xi could say anything, an atrocious phenomenon happened. The white tiger let Han Xiao down before the window, then it retreated by about 10 meters.

    "What the heck?!"

    Lu Jingli was bewildered.

    "This white tiger has such high intelligence?" Lu Jingli could not comprehend it. "It's much more intelligent than a dog"

    "Is it odd that a tiger is more intelligent than a dog?" Ning Xi asked.

    "Well...I've never been in contact with a tiger, only dogs," replied Lu Jingli.

    Lu Tingxiao ignored Lu Jingli. Without any hesitation, he went out and brought Han Xiao in. The white tiger watched them from afar. It left after they took Han Xiao inside the house.

    "I'll call a doctor over. If things get worse, we'll send him to the hospital," said Lu Tingxiao.

    "Okay." Ning Xi nodded.

    Lu Tingxiao quickly made a phone call and had a doctor to go over while Lu Jingli was looking at Han Xiao curiously.

    This was the maniac... No, the master that Ning Xi had mentioned

    Impressive! He had ridden on the back of a white tiger. However, who could have injured someone like him?

    Ning Xi had said before that even guns could not do anything to him. No matter what, it still felt unbelievable to Lu Jingli.

    There should not be anyone who was not afraid of guns.

    "Sister-in-law, why was this master on the white tiger just now?" Lu Jingli peered at Ning Xi.

    "I don't know."

    "What a fresh sight for me!" Lu Jingli seemed impressed.

    "Shut up"

    Suddenly, the unconscious Han Xiao spoke. His eyebrows knitted together with his eyes still closed.

    "Master, you're awake! Are you alright?" Ning Xi quickly went over when she heard Han Xiao speak.

    "What is there not to be alright about? I'm alright as long as I'm not dead" Han Xiao still did not open his eyes, but his speech seemed normal enough.