Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1946

    Chapter 1946: For Show

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    Xu Tao said, "I'll go arrange for the audition."

    They had only chosen Han Zixuan for the Chinese market, but when it came to popularity, Ning Xi did not concede to her. As long as Ning Xi was willing, it was not impossible to seize the role.

    "Okay," said Ning Xi.

    After they finished discussing, Ning Xi started to prepare for the audition that would be happening in a week.

    Actually, this role was indeed purely to reveal a face as a passerby. It could not even measure up to her role in "Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad" before her scenes were added.

    However, the movie "Assassin" was special to Ning Xi, especially the female lead's role, Anna. It was one of her favorite characters.

    This time, she would use this opportunity to study this classic once again.


    A week later, the auditions for "Assassin" began.

    Ning Xi and Xu Tao reached the audition location on time.

    When they reached, because the manager and assistants could not enter, Xu Tao gave Ning Xi a pep talk before waiting outside.

    Ning Xi skimmed the crowd which was basically all A-listers, but their statuses were unevenly matched. The only similarity of all those here was their popularity and how much they were the talk of the tabloids.

    It was obvious that the film crew had only chosen a role for a Chinese just for the market in China.

    In the waiting room, when they saw Ning Xi come, many artistes had gone up to her to politely make small talk and greet her.

    The entertainment industry commonly flattered the superiors and trampled the inferiors. Because Ning Xi had been in the limelight recently, naturally people would try to befriend her.

    However, because their relationship with Glory World was tense, a few of Starlight's artistes just watched from a corner with indifference as they muttered softly.

    "Ning Xi came too. Doesn't she know that today's audition is just for show? Zixuan has long been internally decided, and she's not even here today!"

    "She must be unwilling to give up! This is an audition for 'Assassin', Hollywood's ultimate classic! She's fighting so intensely with Han Zixuan right now, so how could she not turn up?"

    "If you want to talk about opportunity, Starlight has Zixuan's back. Ning Xi can't catch up. In China, she has some sort of foundation, so that's fine, but to climb up further will definitely be hard!"

    "She looks like she has overcome Han Zixuan by a little right now. Actually, it's probably the furthest she can go. I think even Yin Youyou who hopped over to Starlight has brighter prospects than her..."


    Amidst the whispers,a female staff who appeared Chinese walked over to announce that the audition had begun.

    "Everyone, please enter according to your numbered sequence."

    Because Ning Xi had registered later, she was arranged to be last.

    Even though they knew that they were just here for show, they still could not help but have a hint of wishful thinking. All of the female artistes waiting for their turn to audition started to nervously fix their makeup.

    However, slowly, the anticipation on everyone's faces started to fade...

    The way the people inside kept calling out the numbers, every artiste was inside for barely ten seconds on average.

    There were even some who came out after three to five seconds.

    What kind of audition was this?

    Three to five seconds was not even enough to take a proper look at someone's face!

    "Dang! Hollywood is extremely blunt now! When they say it's just for show, they really mean it! They aren't even trying to fake it a little!"

    "They have such a huge lineup for the filming crew. It's already not too shabby that they were willing to organize an audition. What more do you want?"

    "Sigh, after all, the ones in the audition are all of Hollywood's big shots. Today, I'll just take it as coming to see them in real life, and gain some experience!"


    The speed of them calling out the numbers from inside became faster and faster. It was barely ten minutes when it was Ning Xi's turn as the last candidate.