Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1945

Chapter 1945: Advancing Into Hollywodd

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The next day.

The news about Han Zixuan advancing into Hollywood started to dominate all the tabloid headlines.

"Han Zixuan Has Confirmed That She Will Be Acting In Hollywood's Classic Blockbuster 'Assassin'!"

"Hollywood's Number One Producer Jace's Epic Work 'Assassin' With A Chinese"

"Han Zixuan: Hollywood's Chinese Pride!"


As a movie,"Assassin" had swept all sorts of huge awards in Hollywood 20 years ago. It had been repeatedly screened many times and brought nostalgia to all film lovers and was a true classic. Once the news of it being remade was released, it received a huge amount of attention.

The arrangement of this film's plot was quite in line with Hollywood's usual style.

The female lead, Anna, was raised by an assassin organization since young. At last, she was arranged to go on a mission to assassinate a leader of an influential family with a celebrated reputation. It was a story of conspiracy and love, interweaving with the male lead who was full of clever strategies.

No matter what role Han Zixuan got, even if it was just unremarkable cannon fodder, as long as she has entered the crew of "Assassin" and got herself some screentime in the movie, her status and position in the future would definitely rise together with the movie.

The most annoying thing was that in Hollywood, they would very rarely pick two actors from China.

This meant that if Han Zixuan successfully partook in the filming of "Assassin", then the probability of Ning Xi joining the "Assassin" crew would be reduced by more than half!

At Glory World Entertainment.

Xu Tao looked furiously at all of the headlines. "Show, my ass! My queen has already advanced into Hollywood a year ago!"

Liang Feixing shot a glance at him. "Sadly, it hasn't been released up till now."

Xu Tao grumbled unhappily, "Well, we can't just watch those disgusting people, can we?"

Liang Feixing smiled. "I've heard that the audition for the Chinese role in 'Assassin' will only officially begin in a week. Han Zixuan was decided internally. I heard that they didn't even mind not getting paid. Now, to suppress Ning Xi, they've already released this news before the audition!"

Xu Tao's eyes lit up. "If Ning Xi goes for the audition, she can definitely defeat her!"

When Liang Feixing heard Xu Tao, he did not look optimistic. "Since it was already internally decided, and in fact, Starlight's already announced it with such great fanfare, then it definitely must be already in the bag. This role isn't easy to compete for. The point is... I don't think there's a need. It's probably just a few seconds screen time and only one line!"

Xu Tao agreed. "That's right. Just to be cool, any professional would know that they're being devalued in this role. They're obviously losing money just to show off! I think Ning Xi probably wouldn't agree either. Ning Xi's scenes in 'Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad' added up to more than ten minutes!"

At this moment, the office door was pushed open.

Ning Xi walked in. "There's no harm. I can go for the audition."

Xu Tao instantly frowned. "But..."

"I've already reached this far. Obviously, I can't give up halfway. Besides, this movie is 'Assassin'. Even if it's a few seconds' screen time, it's worth it too. I myself am actually a loyal fan of this movie. This time, I can consider it as fulfilling a dream of mine!" Ning Xi said.

As Xu Tao watched his goddess being so understanding, he was so moved that tears streamed down his cheeks.

Liang Feixing thought about it. They were so close to defeating Han Zixuan already. Indeed, they could only steal this role now. Otherwise, all that they had done before would go to waste, and the effects would be hugely discounted too.

Visiting monks gave better sermons. The Chinese people still instinctively thought highly of Hollywood.

"By the looks of it, that's the only thing we can do. I'll go gather more information on the filming crew!" Liang Feixing said.