Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1944

    Chapter 1944: Waver

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    Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua were completely immersed in joy. They quickly went to see Ning Xueluo. In their own world, they did not notice the odd looks on the faces of the trio from the Su family.

    After the two of them entered the ward, Zheng Minjun immediately cursed under her breath, "Did the hospital get it wrong? How could she have gotten pregnant now of all times!? Su Yan was already prepared to divorce her, yet she's pregnant now. What do we do?"

    Su Hongguang frowned and glared at his wife. "Softer!"

    Then, his expression seemed jumbled too.

    On one hand, he felt regretful. On the other hand, it was still the Su family's flesh and blood in Xueluo.

    They had been anticipating it for so long, and now the Su family finally had an heir.

    "Well, you have to tell me what do we do now!" Zheng Minjun urged anxiously.

    When she saw that the golden phoenix in their hand was going to vanish just like that, even a grandchild could not make her any happier.

    After all, they would have a grandchild sooner or later, but from whose womb? That was a huge difference in the story!

    Su Yan's mind was blank now. He did not say a word at all.

    At last, it was Su Hongguang who said in a low voice, "It's best if we reconsider the divorce! Now, none of you are allowed to mention it, especially when the in-laws are still here."

    To bring up a divorce right now would definitely make the Ning family cause a huge ruckus.

    Zheng Minjun understood this too, yet her heart was still unwilling. Nevertheless, silence was all they could resort to.

    In the ward.

    "Father, Mother... Why are you here? What's wrong with me?" Ning Xi slowly came to, looking confused.

    Zhuang Lingyu held Ning Xueluo's hand gleefully. "Xueluo, you're pregnant! You're going to be a mother!"

    Ning Xueluo went blank for a second, then she gaped in disbelief and was pleasantly surprised. "Really? Mother! I'm pregnant?"

    "The doctor already said so. Could he be wrong? You! You're so thoughtless! You only realize it after three months! You even fainted at home! You made us worry!" Zhuang Lingyu looked distressed as she reproached her.

    "Mother, I'm sorry..."

    Zhuang Lingyu suddenly thought of something and said coldly, "What are you sorry for? Don't think I don't know. It must be that damned brat who's causing you trouble the moment she returned! Otherwise, would you have worked this hard?"

    Then, she was worried that all this annoyance would disturb her, so she quickly consoled her, "Now, your main duty is to nourish your fetus. Leave all those company matters to the others! Nothing is more important than your health and the child's!"

    "Mmm, Mother, I got it!"

    Then, Su Hongguang and Zheng Minjun walked in too, symbolically muttering a few caring words.

    After that, everyone else moved out to let Su Yan and Ning Xueluo be alone.

    When only the two of them were left in the ward, Ning Xueluo instantly blushed shyly and was in high spirits. "Bro Yan, we finally have a child! I'm so happy!"

    Su Yan looked at the girl on the sickbed who was ignorant of worldly affairs and was without an inkling of anything. While she was pleased about carrying his child, his heart was filled with strife.

    On both sides of the scale, one was a true love that he had retrieved with much difficulty while the other was a girl who had been by his side for so many years.

    He had already decided on giving Ning Xi a proper title, yet now at this moment, facing the present Ning Xueluo, he really could not bring himself to say the word "divorce".

    "I... am very happy too, but the way you passed out today was so dangerous! From now on, you rest well. Leave everything else to me. I'll handle them for you," assured Su Yan.

    There was a hidden smirk in Ning Xueluo's eyes. Outwardly, she seemed touched and nestled against the man's embrace. "Bro Yan, thank you!"