Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1942

    Chapter 1942: Passed Out

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    Actually, Han Zixuan simply did not want to attend the meeting that day because of the humiliation yesterday.

    Wang Haojun knewthat. However, he just did not want to call her out. He pinched the space between his eyebrows. "Release the news about Zixuan stepping into Hollywood!"

    Zheng Anru finally regained some confidence and she nodded. "You're right, CEO Wang! No matter how good Ning Xi is, she's just well known in China! Zixuan has debuted for just a year and she's already stepping into Hollywood in a big movie of one of the top producers, Jace!"

    On the other hand, Ning Xueluo was not at the meeting because Su Yan had called her in the morning and told her that he had something to talk to her about during dinner that night.

    After knowing him for so many years, she knew what it was from Su Yan's tone.

    Not only was what she did for the past few days not working, but he was further determined to divorce her!

    He was probably going to tell her about his decision that night.

    Ning Xueluo had just finished putting on her makeup in front of her dressing table. Thinking about it, her fingernails sank deep into her palms.


    "Is Xueluo out yet? Didn't Su Yan say he'd tell her tonight?"

    Zheng Minjun looked upstairs from time to time. Apparently, she knew that her son was going to tell Ning Xueluo everything that night.

    She felt a lot more confident talking to her friends when she thought about how she would become in-laws with the Zhuang family in the future. Deep down, she wished that everything would go smoothly tonight.

    "Hongguang, do you thinkXueluo will do anything?"

    Su Hongguang replied, "Well, she'll surely try to do something! But we've never mistreated her!"

    Zheng Minjun was triggered. "Mistreated? Not only did we not mistreat her in the past year, we were tricked by the Ning family! Do you know what the others are saying about us?

    "Just a few days ago, Shanshan's parents told me right in my face that Su Yan found a rural village woman as his wife! Do you want Su Yan to stay humiliated his whole life?"

    Su Hongguang looked helpless. "I didn't even say anything. Why did you bring it up?"

    "Whatever happens, we need to fully support Su Yan. If Xueluo truly loves Su Yan, she should be considerate about his future!"

    As Zheng Mingjun and Su Hongguang were talking quietly downstairs, a maid's scream came from upstairs suddenly.

    "Ah! Madam! Madam, what happened?! Wake up! Oh no... Someone! Someone, please! Madam has passed out!"

    The two of them were shocked when they heard the young maid shrieking.

    "What? Xueluo's fainted?" Zheng Minjun frowned.

    Su Hongguang's expression changed as well.

    The two of them rushed over and saw Ning Xueluo passed out beside the dressing table. The maid was on the verge of tears.

    "What happened? Why would she suddenly pass out?!" Zheng Minjun asked.

    The maid looked terrified. "I... I don't know... I just came in to deliver the clothes... and then I saw that Madam was already on the ground!"

    "Quickly ask the chauffeur to send her to the hospital!" Su Hongguang ordered.

    He then added, "Call Su Yan to come back too!"

    Zheng Minjun's expression looked terrible. She wanted to say something but stopped when she saw Ning Xueluo on the ground.

    She was thinking to herself, "She's fainted? Why now of all times?"